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Jun 2, 2010
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In my experience with crating, I've only used them to put my dogs in when i'm not at home. I see on here alot use them for feeding their dogs and/or putting them to bed in them.

First of all how in the world can you guys not let them sleep with you??? I guess once mine starts the slobber/farting I'll think otherwise, lol. He snores quite loudly though. I couldn't imagine not having him cuddling with us at night.

I am fortunate that i work from home so he is crated when I leave at the most a few hours for when I do have to go into my office or activities for my son, etc. The only other time he is crated is when we eat or he is being "bad" and needs to calm down. His little heart beats so fast and I worry.

Am I using it wrong, should I integrate it more into our lifestyle and not so much for bad behavior? I guess I should do something differently so he doesn't think he is bad when we leave the house. I hold him sometimes for his time outs though. Ok now i am super confused...:eek:


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Aug 5, 2010
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I only use my crate when I am not home or I am sleeping.. Bullies can be very messy with the drooling and the farting and male bullies tend to pee a little everytime they get excited when they get older. I do not use mine as a discipline structure only because then they are not going to want to go in there and they are going to think that when they do they are in trouble which shouldnt be the case. My bullie's LOVE their crates and at times I find them just hanging out in there. Hope this helps!

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