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Jun 20, 2011
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Penelope Lue (Penny)
We'd like to get Penny a harness that goes through the seat belt to keep her in place in the back seat. She's now too big to right with me up front when my husband drives.

Any recs?
They do sell some good ones. I have a mini-van (I know, I so I put them in the back but my mom uses one. It hooks right into the seatbelt.
we have one for senor works wonders. he use to jump in the car and into my lap and made driving hell. the seatbelt goes through a loop in the back of the is petco brand, we really like it
[MENTION=925]wfd38383[/MENTION] can you use the harness with a leash as well?

P.S. LOVE that pic of Senor Chubby. He looks so happy go lucky
My MacGyver solution in the past (and now the future), is to buy one of 2 kinds of leash:

1) First choice is to get one that has a clip on each end. I clip one end to the baby seat anchor (top or bottom of the car seat would determine the length of the leash) - the other end to the dogs harness. I have also made custom length leashes depending on the current size of my dogs, or type of vehicle I had.

2) Failing to find the right size, and feeling too lazy to make a 2 clip leash, I have purchased a 4' leash and looped in multiple times through the baby seat anchor until it was the right length to keep the pooch in the desired area. Of course, I never removed the car leash - just left it in there.

Side note to leaving a leash in the car
... Here in AZ, if left in the car during our 11 months of summer, the metal clip end of a leash WILL turn into an impromptu branding iron!!! Find something that you can slip onto the leash, so that after you clip it to your pooches harness/collar, it slides down over the metal to cover it and keep your dog from getting burned. In the past I have used wool baby socks with the toe end cut off.

Anyway, just my
[MENTION=2594]MissPennyLue[/MENTION] it does, but it is not my first choice...if I am going right into the vet I will use it, but wouldn't be a all day first option. he doesn't seem to mind the seatbelt now; the harness he is wearing in my avatar is the pic of the actual seatbelt harness in question

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