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Mar 21, 2011
Katy, Texas
Bulldog(s) Names
BeBe, Hazel, Lucy Lu, JLO, Hillary, Henri, & Katie
I think they like each other.
this is Lucy and her two babies Snowflake and Buddy

Lucy with arm on snoeflake

Buddy and BeBe

Big brother Buddy and Snowflake
buddy & snow flake.JPG

This one doesn't have anything to do with bully love but it is funny. Lucy trying to fit in a puppy bed. haha
Cute! I love the one with Lucy in the puppy bed.
Oh my goodness I love all those bullies!!!
I can so relate to the last picture.:lol: BabyGirl still sleeps in her puppy bed and prefers it to her new one. It's funny to see her sleeping with either her bootie hanging out the back of it or her upper torso slouched over the front of it.
I love the pics! your bullies are so cuddly and sweet:loveeyes:...Tate and Finn just want to kiss every one of 'em!
[MENTION=1760]Fontanafox[/MENTION] yes it's too funny watching them try to fit in a little bed. :hahaha:

[MENTION=1209]savemejeebus[/MENTION] yes it's nice they all get along, Buddy and Snowflake just love their mama Lucy Lu.
I like this type of dog more than all others.You will be amazed that i do not have only English bull dogs .I have also another bull breeds from other territories of world.I will upload the photos soon and will share with you dear friends.
Could they get any cuter? Thanx so much for sharing the pix :)

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