Article: Rescue Poetry: A Letter From Heaven

goobers mom

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Mar 5, 2011
Springfield, Missouri, United States
United States
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Goober, (R.I.P), Carlie(R.I.P.) , Chaps, Glory B, Blis, Kimber, April, and Brenna (RIP) Wendi, Joy,
OMG not just a tissue but a whole box, another poem to add to my collection. Once again thank you to all the rescuers for their compassion for the breed, not everyone could do it with an open mind.:thanks:

Gold bullies

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Nov 27, 2011
Dayton Ohio
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Bonez, Bitzie, Brook and Bumble....not forgetting our ff Mr Burger
Just sitting thinking of my 2 fosters that are across the bridge, when i came across this poem. Needless to say i am crying m eyes out. Thank you , this is beautiful x

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