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  • Hi! We are getting better. Finally lol. Macy has a double eye infection right now and two big nasty cherry eyes. If it's not one thing it's another. Thanks for checking on us.
    Awww!! :) so bitzie bday is aug 13 too!!!! so cool! Maybe they are brothers lol. How much does your little guy weigh. Coop went to vet today he is 42 and gracie is his litter mate and she is about 49
    thank you. Still confused but I try to look at it each night. Finally got a picture of Goose for my avatar.
    Just noticed your location (i live outside of Cleveland) and wanted to say hello. Your bullies are super cute!
    Holidays are always hard when your so far away from home :hug: keep snuggling bonez and bitzie though and they'll get you through anything. Which rescue did you see the dog on I'll go check him out x
    Bout time you showed up..sometimes these American's get a little out of hand :eek: I need all the help I can get. I'm on the right side of poorly and feeling better everyday. How the devil are you?? and where in Gods name did you dissapear to? I havnt even seen much activity from you in fb. I was getting a little worried :hug:
    here you hiding Missy?? I'm missing that sweet Irish accent and those 2 beautiful bullies :hug:
    Well thats no fun. No fun at all. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope things start looking up for you all.
    I'm not sure why but the pics I posted of the kids and Macy with their gifts are super small. Except the one of Alex. His is Sorry it took me so long to get around to adding them. I think they are on my profile page under Secret Santa album.
    Perfect! Glad to hear it. I use nvi food and its the only treat macy gets. I was a bit nervous getting treats as i know some people wont give treats. But since they are 6 stars i thought what the Thats why i love macy's skunk because it has no stuffing. She also has a squirrel. Almost sent you one of each but was afraid they may fight over
    For some reason it is not letting me upload my pictures for you. But i promise to get it done. May be after I'm running out of time. Gesh where does the time go? Hope you have a wonderful christmas.
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