Any bullies that are or have been on Taste of the Wild?


Jul 11, 2010
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So, as most know, I have switched my very ear infection prone Linus to a grain free diet. I am currently feeding him Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream dry food, with a little canned of the same brand on top. He seems to really like it and has no gastrointestinal problems to speak of but, it actually looks like it's giving him tear stains. My mind might be playing tricks on me but his one ear (the one we've been treating) had an upswell in reddish yeast in it and it looks like side of his precious little mug is getting a red tear stain. The issue is that he is on Remicin, Predisone and an anti-fungal for his ear so it could be something in the medication or his ear infection but I am interested in also hearing anyone's experience using this food and it has ever caused an issue with yeast?



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Jan 28, 2010
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I tried it, everything seemed to go well but yes- now that you mention it- molly got yeast in her nose rope again, and tidus has gotten very yeasty- but I thought it was his eye problem.... Molly is back on avoderm and I am now switching tidus and yuna to Fromm, cuz Jesse who always had a bad tear stain on the right side is doing so great on it. Am I confusing you yet?


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Jun 24, 2010
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We tried Halo on it for a while and she had great small firm poops, slight tear stains then her coat started looking dry and patchy when we were on the 2nd bag, So we switched her to Natures Variety Instinct (Rabbit since she cant handle chicken) and she did good on it for a while (her coat looked amazing and no tear stains) but her ears were a little yeasty.

My friend suggested Acana Pacifica (same company as orijen) so we are giving it a try and so far she is doing fairly well. she developed a rash and tear stains while we were on vacation as "grandma" (my mom) gave her treats and she got into my moms dog's "junk food" :eek: . But we are about 1/2 way through the Acana bag and her rash has disappeared she does have some tear stains but they seem to be improving. I think its all trial and error until you can find what works best for your dog. We may give the instinct rabbit another try if the Acana doesn't work out. :)

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Aug 14, 2010
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I'm surprised with what people are saying. I've heard it was really good food. I have not fed it to my dogs though...


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Aug 16, 2010
Sometimes it hasnt nothing to do with Grains (ear infections and tear stains) it could be the "meal" that is in Taste of the Wild. I have a lot of customers that are switching from TOW. Ear infections can be managed with natural products very easily. predisone and antibiotics are bad for your pet. They break down the immune system and cause thyroid problems. If your interested in hearing more come see me on facebook.


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Mar 23, 2010
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I don't feed TOW but my male got a yeast infection in the fold under his nose rope. First time I've ever had this with my dogs. I think it's the heat and them sweating. I don't know. I've not changed dog foods or anything so that's not the case with my male. I'm just keeping it clean and dry putting a little neosporin on it because I got a little blood out when I cleaned it. It's a bit swollen too on one side.



Mar 28, 2010
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When we used totw we had no issues like this. Maybe it is the type of food. Try switching to chicken instead maybe?


Jul 31, 2010
Grafton, OHIO
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@ courtvaux

I would be interested in any natural products that would help ear infections. What is your name on facebook so I can look you up?

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