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May 10, 2011
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Because Katie is a rescued/adopted dog, I am unsure of her past... but I know that she can't stand other dogs. She starts barking, pacing, and whining and eventually charges at any dog that barks at her or gets too close to her. At first I thought it was only small dogs, but she did it to a lab the other night when he sniffed her a little too much, and she has started snapping at my parents' dog from time to time (unprovoked). She will go for the neck and charge so hard she is jumping in the air as I hold her back by her harness. It has gotten to the point that my family wants me to give Katie up to a rescue, because they are afraid of her hurting someone or a dog. She hasn't really tried to bite a person yet, aside from playful nips for attention, but I haven't had her around kids much, so I worry about how she would be with them as well. I don't want to give up my baby... :cry: She is 5, and I just wonder if there is any way for her to overcome her aggression at that age, or even work on it. Do any of you have advice, suggestions, or experiences you could share to help me out? Thanks in advance. I appreciate it so much!
Here is a way that you can use to break that behavior . I used it on my Pepper ,she is a dominate female. She would have at other dogs quite like yours.
You need an empty soda can and a few coins (3 or 4)pennies, dimes..
Put the coins in the soda can. Keep that can handy when you are going to have your Bully around another dog. When your Bully starts getting aggressive to the other dog give the can ONE loud shake.. Just One shake don't start ringing it like a bell OK just one shake Do this as you pull your Bully away and sternly say NO. You will see how startled your bully will get from that sudden noise that they will literally drop to the ground ....

The thing is this trick will not work long so you have to be very forceful and commanding when you do this But if you do it properly it should break your bully of that behavior. It worked for me

One more thing when you have the can ready DO NOT give it a test to see how it works. You have to wait for your bully to misbehave. Its a sudden noise that really startles them but as I said they get used to it after a bit so you have to make sure you use this to max benefit
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First off, let me say that I am proud of you for seeking advice and solutions instead of just sending her to (yet) another home. I honestly, cannot help you with this as I don't have any experience but there are others here that can give you good suggestions. I do believe whole-heartedly that you can help her with this.
Gator,Do you ever get away to the Smoky Mountains? I am in Gatlinburg Tn so if you ever get down this way let me know
I am wondering if it's insecurity and not so much aggression playing out. That can manifest itself in a lot of ways..and if she is allowed to get away with it..this behavior will certainly lead to an aggression problem. Maybe you can find a dog trainer to help you for a few lessons and advice. Then you will HAVE to be the firewall for her. You can do this..and so can Katie. Having rescued a full grown Rottweiler from the streets of los Angeles..I so understand your worries. We had a grandbaby and numerous other animals..we let Ana know from the start we were in charge..she was loved and there were consequences for bad children. They sense your fears and it's up to you to take charge. Good can do this!!
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Thank you all for your replies! Victor Y, I was in Gatlinburg over Memorial Day, and I think I saw your shop? Is it in the little multi level mall type building on the corner?
We had aggression issues with a previous dog (food/guarding issues).

We worked with a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. She came to our home & was WONDERFUL! We ultimately had to give the dog up because the issues were escalating, but they weren't related to what we had worked on with this therapist.

I would highly recommend a behaviorist, even if it isn't this type.

Good luck! Having been there, I know how incredibly stressful it is. :hug:
@Victor Y I was just down your way last week! Next time, I will let you know before I come that way and we can meet. I had Gator with me too!

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