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Jan 28, 2010
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When you visit our forums, you will see advertisements. We must have advertisements in order to keep this site online.

However, we will NOT support any ads for breeders or puppies for sale. We do not know these breeders, we do not know if they are reputable or not. They could be the best- or the worst. They could be scammers. Also we do not support or wish to see pet stores that sell puppies (petland, for example). Therefore, we CANNOT allow these on the site.

Unfortunately, google ads are targeted by what you, the person on the computer are doing. They want to sell these ads. Where you live, what you have searched the internet for previously, what is on the page you are looking at, all of these things create the 'keywords' that Google will use to generate ads.

At this time, there is no getting around it. Until they allow us to FILTER OUT SPECIFIC KEYWORDS, it will be an ongoing chore to try to get rid of all of these breeder ads. And they will not go away. More will surface. So it will be an ongoing process.

What we CAN DO is filter any advertisement that we see come through. But there is no way for us to do this alone. Since the advertisements go by state/what you look at/page information , there is no way I will ever see what you are all seeing.

So therefore I am asking again for help from our community. If you see an advertisement for any breeder of ANY breed of dog, please let me know. We can filter advertisements by a website basis.

It takes up to 24 hours to filter them out at times. So please be patient when making a removal request.

If you see any ads, please report them here. This is very important to our community. More than important. It is crucial. If you can do anything to support us here at EBN, this would be the #1 thing.

The best way to get these targeted ads is to first go to your search engine and search "English Bulldog Breeder", or "English Bulldog Puppy". Then go back to EBN and see if any of these pop up for you.

*Please note that some ads are keyword based, so although they may say "English Bulldog Puppies", they are actually shopping sites like Ebay, Yahoo, Pronto, ect. They are not really advertising puppies.

Thank you all so much for any help you can give! This will be a neverending process, but I appreciate any help you can give.

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