1. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Zeke~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 1/12/15 Last Update: 2/11/15 Age: 6 years old DOB: Unknown Gender: Male, neutered Weight: 49 pounds Energy Level: Moderate, he can be very active and energetic with plenty of naps mixed in Color & Markings: Tan & White Good with other dogs: Yes - he wants to play with...
  2. hnhammond

    Help Needed! Atopica for Allergies?

    Hey All! So Matilda has crazy allergies. Paws swollen, gnawing on them like crazy, losing fur, itchy nose rope and wrinkles, itchy ears, the works! She has been on pred every few months for the last year or more. My vet recommended that we start taking Atopica every day. She said it would be...
  3. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~LIBBY~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    BIO: Libby was surrendered to IBR when her family became overwhelmed with her allergy issues and could no longer afford to give her the care she deserves. She has had allergy testing done and it has been determined she is allergic to grass. Her skin is inflamed all over, her toes are swollen...
  4. bullmama

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ROSCOE ~ English Bulldog Available for adoption in Chicago, Illinois

    Roscoe's Story... This is Roscoe. He is 2.5 years old and came into CEBR on Monday after his owners could no longer pay for his medical needs. We are thankful they reached out to us to help him. Please keep Roscoe in your thoughts and prayers as he is in a lot of discomfort from the trauma of...
  5. J

    Red swollen eyes

    My bully has itchy and swollen eyes. I give her Benadryl but she is still rubbing against the couch and itching it. Any ideas?
  6. B

    Cystitis in my 6 month old boy

    My 6 months old boy Bentley has got cystitis. I took him to the vet after he was peeing a lot in the house which is out of character for him.He was peeing every 10 mins & struggling at that.The vet put him on medication & they tested his pee which was found to have a lot of blood in which is a...
  7. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~FLACA & GORDO~ English Bulldog available for adoption in IL.

    ABOUT BONDED PAIR FLACA & GORDO Hello everyone, meet Flaca and Gordo who are a BONDED Pair who were in their former home since 8 weeks old. These sweet loving littermates were dumped at Animal Control by their former owners simply because they had allergy issues. These fur siblings are friendly...
  8. ChrisRN

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~Jazz~~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    9/22/14: Please welcome Jazmine. Jazmine is currently at a vet in Fayetteville, NC being treated. We aren’t quite sure what is going on with her at the moment but hope to find out soon. Jazmine was found laying on the side of the road early yesterday evening. As you can see by the second...
  9. S

    Help Needed! 6 month old female in heat?

    My six month old bulldog is displaying some symptoms of coming into heat. She's swollen in her genital area and sleeping a lot more than usual. Our breeder told us to wait and have her spayed after her first heat. I'm starting to get a little nervous about what it'll be like once she goes into...
  10. JennyBean

    T-shirts for allergy

    I need some help with Farley.. Poor guy is such a low rider that his belly and pee pee touch the ground so easily..He has been having the belly in front of his pee pee being swollen, red and inflamed. I think it is from grass? He likes to go outside and bark at us when we do chicken chores.*lol*...