1. helsonwheels

    Tear Stains

    Was talking to my sister back home. She has 3 miniature poodles. One black two white. She mentioned how one was really getting bad in tear stain. I recall seeing them stains at Christmas and was bad then. Any magic solution that really works or dead end out there for solution?
  2. Evilo

    So happy on raw

    I am usually posting here my bulldog problems but today I am delighted to say we are having a real breakthrough. Raw feeding has settled a lot of issues, for example George was always quite phlegmy on kibble his tear stains were very brown also, since the change he has no more phlegm and the...
  3. S

    Paw chewing and yeast tear stain

    Hello All, My dog Red is almost three years old. When I first got him he had no eye tear stains and I kept him on the same food that my breeder used. At about one year old he started with the tear stains and the chewing of the paws started a couple months later. I have tried many different...
  4. MFrey2012

    Contact Lens Solution for Tear Stains

    Ms Ellie has some little Tear Stain Marks, that I want to nip in the bud, I read among the boards a post, of someone using Contact Lens Solution to help with them, and good results, Has anyone else used this method??
  5. D

    Reddish brown tear staining- help!!!!

    I have switched foods since getting Dukie. I feed natural balance LID fish & sweet potato. Everything seems fine except Duke, my moms cavalier & my 2 rescue yorkies now have tear stains & a stained mouth. What should I switch them to to avoid this?
  6. sisters3

    Hates having face cleaned!! Ideas?....Anyone?

    Hello all, Joey is 8 months old and lets me clean everywhere, ears, bottom, paws, but will NOT sit still to have her face cleaned and medicine applied to tear stains. She snaps at the towel and gets all crazy. Not sure why she does this. Either she thinks we're playing OR just hates towels...
  7. Evilo

    Tear stain problems.

    In the last couple of days George's tear stains have become very bad. They are a brown colour and the fur seems to be clumping. I clean his eye wrinkles every day with some cooled boiled water as any eye cleaning product we tried seemed to make his folds red and angry looking so I thought the...
  8. Sheena

    I cannot get rid of the tear stains!

    Ok so I did some searching... Lots of good posts. I have tried several different foods and nothing worked. SO I decided to start cooking for her, she gets meat and veggies for her meal and loves it. She looks great, her poop is good and it seemed to be helping with her tear stains.. But within...
  9. Goob14

    Sorry but...another food related thread

    I currently have Goob on Wellness Core Ocean. He was on Nature's Instinct Raw Boost Lamb and Venison for about six months but I took him off of it a little over a month ago. His ears were getting VERY dirty, very quickly. He started scratching at them so much that I thought he was developing a...
  10. KimDe

    Am I cleaning my bulldogs face and ears properly?

    I know there are a lot of posts on this, but I just wanted to make sure I am doing things correctly. I do not bath my bullies face or ears when I give him a bath. Should I be? I check his face once a day and wipe it clean of food and make sure I dry him after he drinks when I can. Every 1-3...
  11. B

    Bogey's blocked tear duct

    Sup guys!!.. Bogey has been awesome since we've picked him up last week and he's adjusting well.. He came to us with a blocked tear duct and for the past few hours his eye has been getting pretty red.. More than usual... Only thing I can think of is we gave him some beef liver and green beef...
  12. Kimberlie

    Smelly face

    So I've noticed within the last few days murphys tear stains smell of vinegar. He gets wiped down twice a day. I wiped him this morning and when I got home he smelled again. We use witch hazel Malacetic wipes And tear stain wipes anyone had this?? I don't believe he has an infection The...
  13. Angus12


    HI everyone I am new to this website but I am having some issues with my bully. He is just a year old and we have had tons of skin issues. We finally got his skin to clear up after lots of anitibiotics, antifungals, and switching his food. He is now on simply nourish sweet potato and salmon. He...
  14. M

    Hi! From Melanie and Potpie

    I, Melanie, am new owner, and Potpie is my 11-week-old black seal and white female EB. She's been with us for one week, and we simply love her madly. These are things I've noticed: She doesn't like to be hot. She loves her chewy toys. She farts astoundingly. As soon as her eyes close, the...
  15. RiiSi

    Finally got it! Coconut oil!

    This summer my boys were attacked by countless number of insects. Voitto even more so, since he is the one that adventures in grass and all possible bushes. His forhead was like a battle field with bold patches and bumbs. I, in my infamous wisdom, sprayed it with serum that is his...
  16. Kimberlie

    Should I switch food????

    So when I got Murphy about a month ago the breeder had him on Costco-Kirkland adult chicken rice& veggie. So we kept him on it. We asked the vet about it and she said it wasn't an awful choice but those types of food aren't ran through the system of whether they have all the qualities in a...
  17. NewEnglandBully

    MalAcetic Otic Cleanser

    For those that use this, where and how and how much do you apply? Just ears? Is it safe to use on tear stains that are not directly near the eye? Thx in advance.
  18. Mcleanb7

    Seasonal Fall Allergies?

    I think Mr. Chubbs has fall allergies. He is almost two, so not sure as he has only lived through one fall so far and he isn't old enough to be allergy tested (nor do I wish to pay for allergy testing if I can avoid it). He was having skin issues on his face last fall too. But his face has been...
  19. punky

    im getting desperate

    can someone give me some advice.. my rescue boy Rocky had the pretties face when i got him although he had a few issues with infections going on.. once i got him and got him all better his tear stains are horrible.. i want his pretty white face back... i thought maybe it was because he was on...
  20. cali baker

    I think I will try home-cooking again!

    When both Tate and Finn had intestinal issues (diarrhea) recently I put both on a home cooked diet of steamed rice and either poached chicken breast or very lean ground beef. Their only snack was a bowl of chicken broth and occasionally, pumpkin and yogurt. Tate was on this regimen for about 2...