1. rbourque314

    Help Needed! Firm Scaly Bumps on back

    Hi everyone. Recently new member here. I have an 8 month old pure English Bulldog puppy named Lincoln. I am posting to get some insight on a skin issue he’s been having. A few months ago, I noticed on his back near his butt, he had a few crusty/scaly bumpy yellowish spots that I didn’t think...
  2. G

    Gidget just broke out in Hives

    Hello, were new to this community as well as new baby owners of 5 month old Gidget. After her morning bath today she was whimpering and crying and both of her sides were filled with huge hive like welts! ive written everything shes eaten and done and the only thing new was the bath had a new...
  3. Jlambe

    Why so Itchy....

    So lately, Mack has seemed to be itchy when anyone pets him, I give him bendryl in the morning and evening with his meals. Any recommendations? He doesn't show any type of rash, bumps or anything.
  4. jlj781

    New rash

    Sorry everyone it seems like I have way more questions and problems then I have helpful co tributions on this site but here I go again. We took buff to the university on sept 15th they suggested we try and get her of prednisone again so weve been cutting black since then moving to a quarter a...
  5. AdorabullHenry

    Hives, rash, bumps?? Help!

    My Henry has some small bumps all over his hind quarters. They seem to have just came and actually seem to be getting worse by the minute. He isnt itching them, and he doesnt have any other symptoms. Yesterday we took him to some apple picking farms, lots of people bring there pups and he played...
  6. AdorabullHenry

    Hives, rash, bumps?? Help!

    I noticed Henry's fur on his hind quarters looked a little odd, almost wavy when normally its very straight and flat. I checked it out and felt and he seems to have some small bumps under there. He doesn't seem to be itching at them at all. Yesterday we took him to Apple Hill, an apple picking...
  7. WaltsMom

    Why am i now allergic to my bully?

    When i hug my bully or if he kisses me my arms, neck and chin are breaking out in 1/4 bumps all over. I take allergy pills and it goes away but it didnt happen until last night and today. Do you think he has a yeast problem? Or something?
  8. A

    Help Needed! Bumps on head

    Hello, I am new here, thank god I found this site at this time. I have a English Bulldog - Willie -, and he has started showing signs of bumps on his face and head. Almost like a scabbing. He shows no signs of it hurting or itching. I check him all the time for ticks and fleas. Bath him...
  9. K

    itchy bully baby

    Hi I am a new bully mama i have a6 month old daughter bella she has been taking benedryl since we got her i have changed her for and she gets bath 2timesweek get bumps on her back area i swear it is the grass since switching food not as bad but this last wweeks seems worse using hydrocortisone...
  10. penguinspam

    More Issues :(

    Ugh, just came for a little vent. We've had Betty for just over 3 months now and she always seems to be having one issue or another, the poor girl. She had a bad patch of dermatitis when we first got her, got her on a course of antibiotics and steroid cream. That cleared up than she started...
  11. K

    Katie and Murphy

    Hi my name is Katie and I recently got a 9 week old English Bulldog her name is Murphy! I have never owned an English Bulldog I show and breed Labrador Retrievers so this is a whole new experience and you may see my name pop up a lot with a lot of questions! So far everything is good! She did...
  12. D

    Possible Fromm puppy allergy??

    Hello everyone, So we have now had our boy Mack for a little over a month now. When we first got him, he was on Royal Canin but since then has been switched over to Fromm puppy formula (pink bag). After the first few days of being on that, his forehead started getting pink along with bumps...
  13. M

    General Question bumps

    my bulldog Angus has developed small hard bumps inside the tops of his ears and on top of his head Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. LeleNY

    Help Needed! Any ideas on what is this? (Allergies? Insect bites?)

    Hi, guys! Just came back from work and notice this "bumps" all over BIG, specially on his left side and back leg. Picture attached. He gets very irritated when I touch the bumps. They are probably itchy. Some info: we use Frontline once a month ever since he was 9 weeks old (he's now 8 months)...
  15. KimDe

    Help Needed Itchy Bumps

    Woke up and Fezzik is itching and covered with bumps. The vet isn't open yet so I would love advice. I gave him 1 25mg of Benadryl this morning. The bumps are not red that I can see and are on his back and belly but not the face. His breathing is ok and his face does not appear swollen.
  16. ChrisRN

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~~Twyla~~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    7/17/14: Please welcome Twyla! She has been used and dumped by a breeder for profit (pc for backyard breeder). Now she sits in a shelter fighting for her life and the shelter and shelter volunteers were begging for help to save her. She’s only 5 but looks much older because of her hard...
  17. Petra

    Hives! Please calm my nerves a little...

    This morning Boeboe's back broke out with hives, she weighs 65 pounds so I gave her 2 x 25 mg Benadryl that I got from Cheryl, thanks again:). I have no clue why this happened now:( I did give her some meat with her food this morning... but she's had that millions of times before... Maybe it's a...
  18. phoefling

    Help Needed! Hyper-extension in the front left leg

    Our Stella is now 14 weeks old and going great, or so we thought. We noticed that her front left leg bumps out and is not straight like the right. I only noticed her limp once, but she definitely hobbles. Our vet took and x-ray and used the word "defect" and said that we should see an orthopedic...
  19. TyTysmom

    Happy 10th Birthday Tyson!

    Happy 10th birthday to my first love, Tyson! Tyson - even though I know you'll never read this, I hope you feel my love for you every day. You have been my sunshine when times were gray, you have lifted me up out of places that no one else could. The joy you bring to my life is indescribable...
  20. Harriett

    Small raised bumps.Concerned.

    Daisy is developing small raised bumps just where the very top of the legs rests on the body right in a fold she also has 1 on her neck also in a fold any ideas of what this could be..I have just moved her unto James Wellbeloved fish and rice food after recommendations from a pet store that...