1. B

    URGENT!!! Spinal Stenosis

    We adopted a 5 year old male from a local couple who had to move and couldn't keep their bully. We have had him a year with no irregular issues that most bullys have. But over the past few months he has become more and more aggressive to the point of attacking my female great dane and biting...
  2. T

    Help with my puppy

    We have an English bulldog puppy called Maisie who is 6 months old. She is extremely high energy and at times can be aggressive. This was a huge surprise to me. I'm not someone who has previously owned dogs, but I was lead to believe that English bulldogs were laid back, docile animals that...
  3. S

    going nuts after poo

    Hello All, Has anyone had experience with a puppy going bonkers after completing a #2? He is now 7.5 months old and has for the most part been getting very calm and well behaved over the last few months. However, he has been getting progressively worse when finishing his "business" outside. If...
  4. D

    Our boy is here

    We’ve had our boy a few days now and he’s our first eb. He’s 9 weeks tomorrow. He settled in right away and has been very happy. Plays with our older dog and get on fine but does try to bully the cats lol. A few questions though, the breeder had him on royal canine and also mixing in raw green...
  5. S

    Puppy advice

    Hello All, We now have a bulldog puppy (Male, 12 weeks old) in our family and was hoping to go over a few questions and concerns if I may ... I noticed when reading over previous puppy threads some advice to not give string tugs or rawhides and wanted to find out the reason for this...
  6. Helicoptermom

    Need help fast with psycho female!

    Munson is 3 year old neutered male, laidback, loveable lump of sweetness. Sugar is 2 year old spayed female filled with anxiety and alpha craziness. She is also on Prozac because she is afraid of wind and sound of raindrops and birds chirping....has gotten better but used to be a real nut case...
  7. F

    Help Needed! Aggressive puppy?

    Hello All - We just got our first bulldog puppy, she is 8 weeks today and we noticed lately that she very aggressively biting Fingers, charges at your face, and attacks your feet when walking, now she even has started growling and biting when we try to pick her up to remove her from the...
  8. H

    Aibou - May 2006 to 2 July 2018 - 12 years

    AIBOU — May 2006 to 2 July 2018 — 12 years old (Aibou was euthanized today — and this is my Tribute to him; sorry if it is very long but I wanted to put down all my thoughts). In early winter 2006 we drove fourteen hours in one day to Rotorua and back to pick up a beautiful bulldog puppy with a...
  9. C

    Nre Handful of a Puppy (peeing in crate, biting)

    New Handful of a Puppy (peeing in crate, biting) Hi all, We have a new addition to the family named Bojangles. We got him at 10 weeks old, and he's now currently 13 weeks. I had an English bulldog previously raised from a pup and didn't run into any of the issues that I'm running into with...
  10. S

    Need help/advice for severe dry eye and biting paws

    Hello, My name is Kristi and I am new to this group site. I stumbled across you guys here while I was searching for advice on best way to treat our new ”Sausage”. She is our 2nd English Bulldog and we just adopted her from a rescue about 10 days ago. The lady at the rescue was very clear when...
  11. B

    Olde English Bulldog biter

    Hi - I'm hoping there are some with Olde English/Leavitt Bulldogs here - I'm not sure if this is breed-specific behavior. My last dog, Winston Churchill, was a Frenchie, and he was waaaay different as a puppy from my 12 week old Samantha. I've had Samantha since she was 8 weeks old. I know the...
  12. A

    New Bulldog

    New Hello
  13. M


    Wyatt is 10 weeks old, and he won’t stop biting. He’s drawn blood on several occasions, and it seemike it’s all he want to do. Puppies play bite, but when he’s biting until I bleed, it’s can I curb this?
  14. D

    New puppy help

    We got a English Bulldog 3 weeks ago. He's almost 5 months old. He refuses to walk on leash, even when I have my son walk ahead of us and bribe him with treats. He digs in and refuses to move, or lays down. How can I make sure he gets enough exercise if he won't walk? I try to play with him, he...
  15. Sleepersd

    Getting old

    Hi everyone It’s my first post here.I have a 12 years old bulldog.He is great dog,my best friend through all this years,but he went through a lot so far.They removed his ear canals,he had two other small surgeries,he recently had pneumonia,but he is still great and strong. I realized that in...
  16. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Thelma~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Please welcome Thelma to our rescue family! She comes to us after a recent local puppy mill bust that involved the seizure of 132 animals. Thelma is 3 years old and only weighs 28 lbs. She is a mess health-wise, but everyone in the shelter loved her personality and came out to bid her adieu...
  17. SiuMai


    Siu Mai is now 3 months old today and she has a bad habit of biting and tearing apart the urinary pads and even the green mat 'toilet' pad bought for her to use. Everytime I placed a new piece for her and immediately it gets torn apart. The green mat toilet was only used twice on the day of...
  18. MFrey2012

    Biting her nails

    Hi all!! Hope everyone is good. SOOOOO - recently Ellie had been trying to chew her back toe nail, something terrible, its not all the time, everything seems fine. Anyone elses bully do this??
  19. Chevysmom

    Chevy behaving badly HELP!!!

    Hi all most of u know my Chevy and remember when he was 8 or 9 wks old and was begging for help to get him to quit biting well he done really well he would nip every now and then but nothing like he was but now he is 15 wks old and has taken to barking and biting and I dont know if it is his...
  20. K

    Not biting, but gnawing puppy

    I know Daisy Mae is young, just about 5 mos old, and puppies' go through great amounts of teething. With that being said, she LOVES to gnaw on my hand. It starts out as excessive licking, but then she wants to gnaw on me like she's trying to find a place to latch on. It's not nipping, its not...