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  • Thanks for your reply 2nd food with barley ile stay away from
    Ile look more closely at the grain free one
    Ill go ahead and post a thread in GBT, just a plain jane one, then we will do the article on sat?
    Do you want to create a post / article for the new pet friendly places section? You can just do a general post in general bulldog talk, and we can promote it to article. It was your idea so it should be your post :up:
    Of course, no offense taken for sure:)! I do actually agree that puppies should stay with their moms and litters for at least 8 weeks. My first bully pup had to be weaned way early from an ill mother and only had one sibling she was separated from because her sister was sick...and someone was coming the next day to get her if I didn't. In our case, taking her was the lesser of two evils, and I did have 2 boxers at home. But, of course, you are right about the 8 weeks. I didn't mean to sound like I was arguing--just sharing my experience.
    How are the boys doing today?!! Is Wellie still throwing up?!! I had my grandson ALL day, and then I was worried about Roxie on her new medsā€¦ plus I was Christmas shopping online somewhat. I'm still thinking of you guys!!!
    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about little Wellie :( Are you bringing them home today?!! I'm sending prayers that they both come home soon...

    I'm mentally drainedā€¦ as you already know I have a LOT on my plate lately, including yesterday a meeting at Lily's school!!! I about LOST IT last night when I realized Roxie's dosage was wrongā€¦ I'm calling the vet today. I don't think she's being negligent, I honestly just think that she isn't aware (or at least I hope that is the case). I have issues w/vets as it isā€¦ Lol I'm just a damn mess latelyā€¦ PLEASE post away, I can use all the advice I can get lately. I'm just glad that I found that cushings forum...
    Hey how are the boys doing?!! The last 2 days have been insanity at my house, but I've been thinking of you guysā€¦ ;)
    Hey there, just wanted to stop by and :musicband: watch the band, since this is how I spend my Saturday nights!
    I think I changed my entry 4 times....it's hard when we use my photo for the kick off. I have to try and come up with something completely different.
    I switched it out. It was too close to the photo that was opening the contest. You're talking about the neener photo?
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