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  • And I made them bigger. Hah! But honestly - I would probably only give him one every once in a while... maybe one a week. I'll let you know! Will give him one tonight :) He was sniffing around while I was making them, and I let him lick the spoons. Hee hee.
    Haha - tag team :) BTW - I made those treats for Tyson you gave me the recipe for last night. Will give him one tonight and see how it goes - I ordered some extra large silicone trays from Amazon, so the cubes are bigger :)
    Yeah, he's been better. Is still want anything we have, yes - of course. LOL but he's been better! I wish there were more options for little snacks and such. He's done well on watermelon, so that may be good every once in a while during the summer months :)
    Gotcha. I wish we had it available here. But we don't. It hasn't been too terrible with Tyson since the raw. Also, I up'ed his meals according to the feeding guide. So he's getting .25 patty more each meal for total of 2.5 daily. :)
    Hahaha, that is so funny! Yeah, it may take a bit to get into the system, and get working. I am crossing my fingers that it does provide even just a little relief! Tyson loves it, he licks it up! Good thing its mainly for Wellie :) So he likes it?
    :) Yeah, I wouldn't on Blue if he's not showing any signs. See how Wellie does... I really hope it helps :)
    Yesssss!!! He'll love it. Tyson loves it :) I do one tablespoon every morning! Since its local it helps him build immunity to the local allergens. Its also an immune booster, and if they are ever congested, it can help soothe their throats :) Just like us. I do the same. In fact, I use the same spoon. I take my spoon first, then give him his. LOL
    That's a good idea. I know I have mentioned it in several threads in response to people - but perhaps I'll do one alone.. specifically for that. Spread the knowledge :) If you do try it for Blue, keep me posted. I'm not only OCD about research, and products, I'm OCD on results and peoples experience with it too ;)
    Yep. LOL And I have absolutely no problem admitting it. I have to come here because no one else understands. This is where I can just be myself. bwahahahaha. that sounds so funny. Anyway.... have you tried honey with Blue? Has to be raw, unpasteurized and local. Worked wonders for Ty.
    Are we long lost sisters? I am the same way!!! I must see the source. I trust nothing that is not from a reliable source. I even go as far as CALLING sometimes to see if I can speak to rep to confirm things. I'm telling you - my husband thinks I'm a complete nutcase. He says I should write a book. I'm also really big on trying to do things as natural as possible. Meaning no drugs, etc. Now, trust me Tyson has been on drugs galore for things, and I understand it, and will do anything for him, but I love natural remedies, and holistic ways.
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