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  • For some reason I cant upload to photobucket...I posted on your FB wall! I had no other way so if you want to post on the thread and then delte ...Hope this goes away..Here if you need anything
    Wishing you and Remy the best of luck. I know it's a hard decision but I'm sure you will do what's best.
    Thank you so much. At the time Raven was 18 weeks old. The two prior visits it went unnoticed. He said it was very minor didn't even want to put a number to it. I wanted to ask him if he was sure it wasn't her tummy rumbling since she is like a little garbage can. He said he would listen for it again in another two months when we go for the pre-spay physical. Keeping my fingers crossed. She is happy, healthy and very active at this point.
    Hi...2BullyMama mentioned that you had a pup with a heart murmur. Can you share any insight with me. Recently at our last visit to the vets office I was told that they detected a slight murmur. Hoping that she outgrows it.
    Remy is such a cutie!!! I am shocked at how much your brindle with the patch on his eye look like my cooper!
    Hi Kim!...Thanks for getting touch..... Eden is going for her echo on the 16th...really scared.... she is only 6 months old...she also was sent to us with red mange...I want to do anything I can to help her ...The breeder wanted us to send her back .....but I said noway!...Shes our baby!... So here I am looking for any and all help I can find....Im sure ill have more questions after the 16th....Thanks you so much for caring!
    Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you and Remy, and your family of course. Like I said, you'd ever know he has a murmur. Byes so beautiful I honk you'll be quite surprised when you see him for the first time. He was so lovey and wiggy too. Can't wait to hear when he arrives at your home!! :up:
    Be mad ? Heck no! Naming the puppies was all for fun... In the end he will be responding to what you call him. Baby Remy Has been an issue of heartache for me for a while. I've wanted to bring him home with me Since he was diagnosed with a murmur. But it is not the best situation for baby O. I am so happy that things worked out for you and you're able to take him home. Just so you know if I brought them home with me he would had been renamed also. Don't worry about me and sticking with the name Vegas . If you want to you can but don't think that I'm going to be mad if you don't. I'm just thrilled that he staying in the family. I'm using Dragon dictation so I'm not sure what actually translated .
    He was back to his normal self this morning when I got him up at 6am. Pretty much all night he would shake every time he moved. I'm thinking it was blood sugar. He didn't really eat his breakfast yesterday morning either and I'm not sure how much he ate last night, because I just left his food in his bowl from morning and gave it back to him in the evening. My vet drew some blood, but she thinks it may have been low blood sugar also, but by the time I got online to figure it out, it was already the middle of the night and he was sleeping and I didn't want to disturb him. I will try to video tape again if it happens again, but I think as long as I make sure he eats better, I think he'll be fine. You were the first person I thought of though even though I didn't think it was the same as Vegas. Thank you so much for your help.
    I'm so concerned. How is he this morning? The vomiting could also be from low blood sugar...but I really don't know. Poor baby. Please let me know as soon as you find out. Again...get it on video. I really hope all is well. Cheryl
    Could be a couple of things. Being diabetic, when my blood sugar is low, I'm aware...but I shake. Oliver might have had low blood sugar. In this case, try plain yogurt. From my understanding, bulldogs have such a short intestinal track, they often digest their food and it's out of the body before their system can utilize the good stuff. Vegas has the tremors, but just in the head. How long before he eventually stopped? Get it on video if you can. It's so much easier to show the vet vs explain. Let me know what happens with Oliver. Hugs to you.
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