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  • I am so glad everything went well for them! I had seen Goldie on the DBR page. She looks like such a sweet dog! God bless you for fostering her!
    Thanks Kim, I'll give you all the details. I'm hoping to get some good video, unless of course I have to pause for argument's over all the excitement between the gifts :eek:
    Hi Kim, we received your package today. We are going to wait for Christmas morning, so everyone will have something new. I will take video. (I didn't peak) ;)
    SPLAT!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:
    pass it forward to 5 cannot Splat!!! the person who got you :christmas34:
    SPLAT!!! You have just been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:
    Pass it forward to 5 people ... you can not Splat! the person that got you :christmas12:
    Oh good I'm glad I was helpful ... I have seen a couple familar bullies & parents. LOL I feel the same way!! My son really thinks I'm nuts because of how I am with my bulldogs he just doesn't get it ... but on these sites I feel "normal" so to speak because we all cherish and adore our bulldogs. These sites and my new bulldog friends will become even more important in the next couple months when my son leaves for bootcamp I've had my boy with me for 23 years and come November he will be gone .. eeeek!!! Hope my bulldogs are ready for this LOL it's up to them to keep mom going!
    I'm so excited to find places I can go where people share my love for everything bulldog!! Did you find the right size crates for you babies?
    I just found this site and found a name and bullies I recognize (from bulldogsworld) just wanted to say hi :)
    Oh I wish I did. Keep doing what you are doing and make sure they know you are the boss, that is all I can tell you. 2bullymama may have some input, she is really good at this stuff!
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