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  • Just working all the time my dad has Parkinson's and he is starting to fail now been in hospital for several days and now in an assisted living home so they can do physical therapy on him to try to get him more mobile again so he can go home and my mom take care of him. So I have been doing a lot of running to help out. No babies all bullies doing good. Glad to here Sarah's getting some relief even if it's only temporary. Have a great and Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy
    Thank you Sandra for checking on me, I am doing ok, I guess its alittle easier when they are older. Goober was just starting to show his age. I am glad he went quick and peacefully. So glad he wasnt sickly or in pain. Couldnt have handled that with him, he was such Ć  wimp. He produced over 200 healthy pups and I am proud of everyone of them. Wished I had more pics of him. Never did get Ć  decent pic of him.
    Thank you so much for posting on my thread about my baby. Do you have a record of what Goober weighed during his first year of life? I would love to compare it to Katara. I definitely prefer to keep her skinny than have to go through this again. Right now she is weighing 32 lbs at 5 months, she is pretty slim, but solid. Thank you again :D
    I didnt think they would like it either but I dont think they even know its in there, I have been using it now consistently for about 3 months its cheap enough I think to at least give it a try, what does your vet say about her yeast is it all over her body or just in her ears?
    Hey Cindy. Just sayin hello tonight (Tuesday) since it is my weekend. I am slowly catching up with things here on the homefront. Now I am taking a break and catching up with replys and admiring the many pics of so many wonderful bullies. Your pics in your album are really creative. Your bully kids are absolutely them!
    The picture in the easter basket. Amazing that she was able to sit there like that :-)
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