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  • I hope everyone bares with me because i'm not sure how to reply to comments that are put on my profile page. I guess I just go to your profile and post??? Thanks for the nice comments about my dog..
    Can anyone tell me how long it will take before I know what my bully will look like grown? Her looks change all the time I was just wondering when her full look will appear.
    Thank you for the comments on my pics, and No Sage doesnt glow in the dark, but got alot of laughs when she is colored, I have always wanted to take her and hang out at a bar at closing when everyone is coming out drunk and seeing what their reaction is, but there is nothing more fun than to see the kids faces when we visit them in the hospitals when she is done up. By the way love your little bully I love the half and half markings like that on their faces.
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