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  • SPLAT!!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:

    Pass it forward to 5 cannot Splat!! the person who got you :christmas4:
    i know i am late lol but here I am, i am still looking but almost decided, im thinking the Canon T3i my max price is $1000 but I am more comfortable with doing $700 or less at the moment. Do you think that sounds reasonable?
    :pray: I hope you can enjoy your new puppy while enjoying your Aldo at the same time. Must be a roller coaster from hell for you.
    I just wanted to write and say I wish you luck with your new puppy and I hope nothing serious is wrong! Please keep us updated we are thinking of you!
    I'm not sure yet, & I have no idea about camera talk to IDK lol sorry, & yes Max is home hes doing GREAT I will be posting tons of pics soon as I get off work today
    I want to buy a camera lol you pics came to mind any entry level recommendations?
    Ana. My camera program went down. Can you edit my 4th of july pix under calender for me please?
    Do you think 7 weeks is to young to bring home? The breeder called and said she took the pups to the vet today to be cleared and she said I could come pick him up
    Thank you! I'm going to wait until he's at least 8 weeks. I'd like to wait longer but we close on our new house July 23rd and move the very next day. I'd like for my other babies to get acquainted with him before I put them all in a strange house though. How about you, when will you be bringing home Bruno? Also, did people ever tell you that your two babies were two small? People always assume that Beefy is much younger or that something is wrong with him. It drives me nuts! lol. Have Aldo and Katara met Bruno yet?
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