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  • Hey Maria, thank you so much for my smiley gift! those are so cool! I am enjoying this site a lot cuz of people like you! thank you!
    you crack me up, i seriously cannot get enough of your photoshopped bully quotes. :) just wanted to tell you that. i hope you have a merry christmas! april & lola
    Yeah Idk why the picture only comes up on here. Thank You!!! Lol Yes, Bulldogs are the best, so funny!!
    Thanks much. Did you see my post, had to take back a pup from a buyer. Now I have one cute lil boy I need to find a home for. Any ideas?
    Hi! I'm trying to start a scrapbook for Stig and noticed the nice pics you always post. What program do you use for that? I'm assuming you have a Mac, right? Wish I have one of those. lol.
    Thanks so much for the post. I've been sooo busy with this past litter that I have not been on much. Where do you groom? I have two rare breed yorkies that are growing a show coat. I am trying to learn how to keep it groomed well, but lately its been almost impossible with the bullies. Thanks again for stopping by.
    My first female bully was named "BabyGirl" too! We called her B.G. for short. how neat!
    Thank you! yes, they grow up so fast, don't they?
    btw, i love that video you have of your bullies playing together on your profile cute!!
    Love your video!!!! I was laughing so hard when I heard the jaws chomping!!!! They play very cute together. Beautiful pictures too!!!
    Your Baby Girl is too cute! And I love your photo album. I love how she likes her wipe down with baby wipes like Princess! She looks forward to it everynight!
    Erika and Princess
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