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  • BabyGirl and louie are like bunnies! Lol! You had me laughing with that one :) poor Wilson though left out of the fun!
    Our second choice puppy looks like your profile bullie with the eyeliner and all white. I am assuming that is Babygirl. She is a cutie!!
    Did you expect anything less! :tease: just joken Awww thank you that is so nice of you to say!!!! Your not too shabby yourself lol..
    Yes Maria, I do have a very strong and supportive family. They help me so much with the girls, even my 82 yr old grandmother. They really are a blessing. I would be lost without them! I haven't had time for a social life like I would like since the babies plus work, but what I do have is special, and of course now there is you guys which are just as special to me, really :) To know that I can come and talk about my pups, and also about my issues is so awesome. The support I received when Katara was sick I didn't receive at home by any of my friends, even my family was like, are you really going to spend all that money on her.. and I'm thinking, nooo.. I should better take her home and let her DIE right? I don't understand people sometimes... I am glad I am a member here so that I get that support and encouragement I need :)
    Poor babies! I had no idea they were sick! I don't have to ask cuz I know you do anyways but give them lots of love and snuggles!! I do work in the newborn ward! you have great memory! I am changing jobs, I am doing a temporary job to cover openings in three different hospitals in three different units, nursery, Labor and Delivery and NICU.. so still lots of babies. Sad to leave this place, but I am trying to pay off my bills and mortgage so I'm taking the risk! Very anxious and stressed about it though!
    Hi! How have u been? how are the pups doing? I'm trying to catch up with everyone since I got a slow day at work! woohoo!! :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words! Believe me those girls are no angels :S They are like the energizer bunny! :) going, going and going.. And getting in trouble! I do know Louie and he is super adorable! Does he get along with Wilson and BabyGirl? I miss my Boston mix she was my baby. Katara looks at me exactly like she used to. Have a wonderful day!
    Maria, I have a small message for you from Alana. Do you mind sending me your email in a private message, and I will email it to you. Thank you so much for my award too! It is wonderful!!
    its a great looking harness ,shame the sites gone,i will look for a similar one,i got a dean and tyler harness but to be honest i dont really like it as it slips,thanks ,karen
    love that harness ,where is it from?can it be ordered online?,hope you dont mind me sending you this pm,karen
    Maria, thank you so much for your prayers and the sweet picture you uploaded for us. It was very unexpected, I am so scared, but trying to take it one day at a time. I am very grateful for this site and the wonderful people such as yourself on it. It is truly a blessing. Thank you friend!
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