What is your biggest frustration with owning an English Bulldog?

I wouldn't say so much that it frustrates me but I feel guilty that I can't take Samson as many places as I wish I could and I am sure he wish he could because of worrying about him overheating. Summer is a pretty uneventful time for my little boy.
My only complaint is that they jump up on me occasionally and scratch my legs when I am wearing shorts. heehee Usually when I got a pumpkin treat :)


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Definitely him refusing to walk on the leash .. though I guess he could be any breed and do that. Other than that.. love every minute of it :)
I wouldn't say so much that it frustrates me but I feel guilty that I can't take Samson as many places as I wish I could and I am sure he wish he could because of worrying about him overheating. Summer is a pretty uneventful time for my little boy.

i totally agree with you, i wish we could bring horse more places, and he wants to come too! he just gets too worked up and hot, summer is sleepy, lazy time for horse-man!
For us it is the same not being able to take them out and about as much as they would like to especially when they are always ready to go.
For us, it's the constant threat of being "stolen". Vegas and O both love to ride in the car. I love to have them with me, but if I need to stop at the grocery store....I constantly worry. It takes only a second for someone to steal your life from you. A 4 month old Frenchy got taken from a vehicle via smashed window while his mom was returning a pair of shoes. In Oregon, a EB was stolen right off the street. His mom was walking him and a group of men cut the leash and stole her dog. We worry about taking them camping, leaving them at home.......constant worry!
My only one right now is my neighbor thinking hes a pittbull DUH really.. lol..

I too am afarid of my boy being stolen. I have chains and locks on all my fences and when he is outside he is out of sight.. I walk him on my road but dont have to much traffic so I dont think someone would snatch him.. Dont take him with me anywhere that I would have to leave him in the car ( its against the law to in Ca)..


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I agree with you bulldog, it's alot of concentrated weight to have jumping on your bare legs. Every once in a while he scratchs me so hard it turns into a bruise. I am an abused mom LOL

I am very scared of Sam being stolen because of all the stories you hear but not as much anymore. I never leave him outside alone and I have an alarm on my home so I don't really worry about someone breaking in unless they are really stupid. Sam would go wild if someone broke in his house and they'd only have like a minute to catch him and get out of there before the cops get there. Ha good luck!
Other than the worry with him being taken, he is still a puppy so he is a playful biting monster at specific times during the day, after peeing in the morning when he comes inside, when he is released from his kennel, and after he eats dinner. Like a shark, he travels upside down and chomps. We've tried ropes, rawhides, and now we are "shunning" him, which is starting to work. We are also currently managing tear stains so hopefully that doesn't become a larger issue. He just lights our family up and makes us so happy. One of the best decisions we ever made was getting our little guy Bear.
Aside from the fear of being stolen and the jumping with 55 pounds of pressure to knock over most kids, I would say my boys ocd for playing fetch is the most cute/annoying thing about him. Does not ever give up until you put his toys away for good. lol.
I worry about them being stolen also, I figure that if they take the EB they will also take the pound puppy. I take them lots of places with me, I want to put a sign in their area of the car that says, " they are neutered and of no use to you, also they are spoiled rotten and you don't want to have the upkeep on them." The walking in the heat is a concern also, we get up often early of the mornings and go walk.
I feel bad for Silly because she's so sweet and LOVES to play with other dogs, but the dog park, during summer, in South Florida, is out of the question. So, my only frustration is not being able to take her to the dog park, and to various events we have with the rescue because of the Florida heat...
That I cannot own more! I really love breed, We have a black lab as well, My human kids are out on their own, so I have nothing but time for my bullie. She is a joy. Funny, giving a talker and wants constant attention. She runs the house and when its time for her to go to bed, so gets so vocal everyone knows it!. (she sleeps with me lol) I LOVE HER :D


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