Wanted: Female English Bulldog

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Feb 1, 2010
My husband has been wanting a English Bulldog for awhile. He is on disablilty; therefore he is at home all the time with the children if I am at work. My children have been around dogs before so do not have to worry there. They are good with dogs. If you have a puppy or a young bulldog please let me know. I would prefer a female. :D


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Have a look in bulldogs for adoption section on the forum -they are so many great looking bullies all over the country looking for homes -im sure you and your family can find right one for you -and contact rescue directly
Also read up on the breed before deciding on one -as lack of knowledge is mostly the reason those beauties ending up in the rescues -they aint just a pretty faces and a regular dog they require a lot of work and commitment -there is a great article about it on the main page of the forum too xx
I have 2 stunning boys 3mth old fully vaccinated nearly house trained if interested get bk to me thanks karen
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