Training Collars?

Are shock/training collars a humaine way to train your pet?

  • yes, they work excellent and do not hurt your pet

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  • no, it is not necessary to use such torture devices

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Jan 28, 2010
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What does everyone think of training collars?

I have never used them before, and I am curious of what other peoples thoughts are on them.

I have heard mixed advice on these, so that is why I am asking my bully loving friends!

Is it a humaine way to train, or not? :confused:
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Mar 30, 2010
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There are a few different types out there. I'm not a big fan of using the chain or prong style collars, they have to be pretty uncomfortable.

I am however a big fan of martingale style collars. They are basically a flat style collar that has the D ring attachment on a loop, that when pulled squeezes the collar tighter but it releases as soon as the dog stops pulling. They are also excellent for dogs that like to back out of collars.

I also LOVE the mendota british style slip leads. They are alot like the simple slip leads used by vets and shelters. The mendotas are typically much tougher and made with softer fabrics. They have a stop to keep the ring from sliding too far open and they release quickly when the dog stops pulling.

There are also headcollars like the Halti but I really dont know if I can see one of those staying on a bully's short nose!

I'm not a fan at all of the shock, noise and spray collars. Most times they are used improperly and the end result is worse than the reason the collar was used. The only one I see that should be used is the noise or spray bark collars. But the dog learns that as soon as the collar is off there is no repercussion.


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Jun 28, 2010
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I like the martingale collars and they are not inhumane. They just give you a little help to keep your bully in control in instances that you may have trouble keeping them in control on leash. I don't leave any collar on my dogs all day i only put collars on my dogs for their walks and then i remove them once inside. I still like harnesses too if you have a bully that walks well on a leash anyway. I don't use the prong collars i don't know much about them they just are scarey looking to me.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Zen and Carbon are both trained with the E-collars. They don't hurt, as we have used them on our arms to test them out. There is the "shock" button, which actually tightens the muscle in the neck, instead of shocking them, and there is the vibrate button. The boys know the first vibrate means stop and sit and the second means come. If the shock button is hit, they lay down and do not move until they are told to. We do not need leashes, the boys are excellent in crowded public places, are still playful and sociable and love getting their collars on because that means they are going somewhere fun. The secret, I think, is repitiion on why they get zapped or vibrated. I don't think that it is cruel or inhumane. We enjoy the boys so much more when we know we don't have to worry about bad behavior.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Haven't used any but I just had a convo with a patient about the pronged choke type collar....they have a bull terrier. They highly recomended it. I asked how it worked and I didn't realize you could set it to not get any tighter than you want it. But I dont know...

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Jul 17, 2010
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All I'm using is the regular little clasp collar and matching leash. Luckily, both Arrow and Gertie behave very well on a leash, so nothing else is needed. I have used Martingales when I used to show and liked them a lot. We tried a shock collar many years ago for a barker and it didn't phase her. She was very furry tho, so I don't think she felt any shock. Anyway, we took it back to the store.

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