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Jan 3, 2011
New Jersey
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In addition too my two English bulldog pups I have a five year old olde english bulldog. She has a thyroid issue. It is hypothyroidism. Does anyone have a dog with this issue? I was just wondering if there was anything more natural to give to her instead of meds. I think the meds she is on gives her bad side effects. Thanks.
Sorry, I'm not any help. I had a dog years ago (not a Bully) and she had hypothyroidism and I got a little yellow pill from my vet, can't even remember the name of it now. She took it everyday and she was fine. I had no side effects with it, I know the name started with a C.
If anyone would know I believe it would be [MENTION=4]Lindathedogsmaid[/MENTION]. Not sure if there is anything other then medication for this. Hope we can help you :)
No help....i have an olde english bulldogge but thanskfully she is health problem free!! unlike my english bulldog....hope u get some good help

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