This is the new mixture per the nutritionist.....mmm..mmmm..good


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Mar 24, 2010
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Ok so since we decided fiber is a key for Beefy's anal gland issues. This is the new food. Everything is raw except the rice...I had to cook it lol.
It has raw chicken thigh, white rice,baby carrots cut, potatoes red cut, flax seed, cocosoyo omega oils.
Just a thought, but did the nutritionist say anything about cooking or steaming the veggies a bit first? From what I've read dogs have a hard time digesting raw veggies and getting the most of the nutrients out of them.
[MENTION=400]froggz[/MENTION] no she said when they get them in the wild they are raw I just have to cut them into small pieces and he doesnt get alot of veggies , they're just to add fiber.
Mmmm... looks great... cook that chicken just a little bit and the dog and I would be fighting over that bowl :)
Now I'm hungry for some stir fry!!!
I actually posted this to show [MENTION=1041]lexterwayne[/MENTION] I was telling her about his new food on FB today. And yes if it was cooked chicken I would eat it too lol.:yes:
heck ya it sure does look like a 5 star dinner.... yummy!!!
Good to know!! I always feel bad for giving the dogs raw veggies but it looks like I'm ok :D
[MENTION=400]froggz[/MENTION] the nutritonist told me its actually better. She said even steaming them can actualy take out the nutrients...I didnt know this before:bust:
It can, unless you use the water as well ;) Its just like with boiling brocoli for supper, the water always turns dark green.

So what I do is add the veggies to a bowl, with about a tablespoon of water, and cover it with swran wrap. It gets popped into the microwave untill they are done.
Thats a good idea.... I love steamed cauliflower so I'll have to try that:yes: I have a steamer thingy idk whats its called but thats what i use for large amounts of veggies.
That does look pretty good! :yes:

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