So hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas.....

I hope he listens. Keep us posted.:)
I think that is absolutely KEWL!!!!!!!!!. We have a zillion freshwater tanks but no salt. IF we did I'd have some of those! :)
My husband had two 100 gal. tanks fresh and salt, when he got transferred to Fl. 2 years ago, rather than move them he sold them off. He loves aquariums. I got him a 75 gal. with stand, freshwater for this Christmas. He has no idea!! I hope you get your tank!
Thanks guys.. I want to start small since I have never had a salt water tank.. I have a 37 gal eclipse show tank that is sitting in the garage, I need to get it out and clean it up and get some parts for the hood. I wouldnt know the first thing about changing that over to a salt water tank.. But Im searching the web lol..
Salt water tanks are sooo pretty. Aquariums are so much work tho for me but I really love to look at other peoples. ;) Heres hoping you get your gift!
We have a large pleco we are trying to get out of our 1000 gallon tank in the basement today. I just drained about 800 gallons out and am now waiting for Lari to finish sewing to help me. I have to get in it with waders on to catch that darn pleco and need her help. :)
Kewl!!! Wouldn't it be funny if they lied and it was not miniature and grew to be 10 ft long? LOL

WOW thats alot of water lol... So do you have to change the tank water every few days? This is what I have read..
Water change frequency depends on the bio load of the tank. Most tanks we have get changed on a weekly basic but the two big ones, 1000 and 700 gallons, have massive filtration systems and light bio loads so they dont get changed very often. They can go months without changing but should have something like koi clay added once in a while to replenish some of the minerals.
We have breeder tanks that because there are so many baby fish in them get changed quite often.
Well as of now Im not getting my tank :( Hubby said remeber we go to the river in the summer etc.. He said I would not have the freedom to do so lol... Oh well So now its a sewing machine so I can make cloths for my dogs lol...
Oh no! What about a neighbor coming over to feed them while you are gone? I know my in laws feed my bro in laws fish when he goes out of town.

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