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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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I'm not used to a dog that sheds :eek: ;) Can you tell me, he seems to be shedding a lot right now. Is this "puppy" shedding or shedding due to weather, or going to be an all year round thing? (temps are in the 70's here now). Wondering if there are "shedding seasons" for bullies? What do you find is the best thing to comb them with? Thank you so much!!
May 18, 2010
Bulldog(s) Names
Griffin, Gracie, and Sugar
well my gang seems to shed allot too...I use the Furminator comb to get allot of the hair which helps out allot and we use fish oil supplements too...


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Jun 7, 2010
Dog shedding occurs in nearly all dogs and is a natural process of eliminating (shedding) dead hair for a couple of reasons – one, to allow a new coat to come in, and two, for seasonal changes in temperature. Several dog breeds like Siberian Husky’s or the Great Pyrenees, are known to have double coats, i.e. a soft undercoat, and the outer and much coarser topcoat. These kind of breeds can shed profusely, blowing their coat twice a year in what seems like endless loads. Blowing coat is a term that describes the heavy shedding that takes place twice a year, once in the spring time and another in the fall.

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