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Jul 23, 2020
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We just adopted our 3 year old English bulldog yesterday, well kind of rescued in a sense. He was in a multi dog home, but needed a single dog home, it wasn't safe for him there. He did exceptionally well on our 4 hour journey home, only had to stop once for the bathroom, otherwise he slept. We are his 3rd home, and hope to be his final home.

He is currently on Royal Canin veterinary diet satiety support food. I don't know how much he's been fed prior, but we are sticking to the recommended for goal weight. Focusing on weight loss as he is a whopping 23lbs over weight. This is our primary focus. I know a lot of people have opinions about royal Canin, and it isn't going to be something we keep him on, but it's what he was being fed before, so we are going with it for now, with hopes of changing to probably prey model raw.

As far as his health otherwise, he seems overall in good health. He does have some bare spots on his sides where hair was lost and is growing back in. The vet of the prior owners said they could find no cause, but to me it seems allergy in the sense that if I touch it and rub, he turns his body into the rubs. The other issue health wise we are going to start working on is his tear lines, they've been left too long and are becoming red. And last but not least health wise, he's got some decent sized scabbing behind his ears, I'm unsure of the cause, and the previous owner didn't know when they got there, but when petted in the area he don't flinch, they seem to itch mostly, but not enough that he tries to scratch them.

Behaviors, he knows how to sit and is learning to stay. He is house broken and actually stayed in our bedroom all night with no issues. We are going to have to work decently hard at training him though. The main issue we have with him is he wants to hump the adult male and we've started teaching him the word no for that.

I am putting pictures of his smooshy face, right flank just in front of his hind quarters, his ear and scabs behind his ear that I could get pictures of.

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I'm not who moved my bulldog?
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Jul 28, 2011
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I responded to your other thread.... all those issues are from allergies

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Nov 16, 2012
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He is a handsome boy! Yes, he definitely has multiple issues and I totally agree to start with food change. There are a ton of threads on here on foods, transitioning and allergies. Good luck with him! Lots of good experts here to help when you need it!! Keep the pics coming!!!

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Jun 22, 2015
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Thank you for rescuing him. I'm sure with a good bath and ear cleaning, he will start feeling better in no time. I did feed my Tucker a prescription Royal Canin diet in the last year of his life, and his skin improved. He was eating the venison version, which is a unique protein. He was allergic to chicken.

Keep us posted with pics as he settles in. The humping is a dominance thing, so hopefully they will figure out who is the boss soon enough.


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Jun 17, 2016
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Awww....sweet boy! Sooo glad he has a permanent home now!!!

Our 12-year-old used to have all of those issues, and more. A local vet who is a
bulldog expert first told us that bulldogs (esp. with allergies!!!) do best with FISH-based,
grain free food. He got soo much better after we started him on Zignature salmon (canned, wet food) mixed with and
Earthborne hard kibble (whatever fish flavor, can't remember).

Before that, we also had great results with LIMITED INGREDIENT salmon flavored kibble made by....ooh, sorry, I cannot
remember. It's that brand that the actor Dick Van Patten used to endorse. We also loved that particular kibble because it was meant for sensitive tummies, which our dear Sophie had.

As far as the flank alopecia (where his fur is missing on his sides), our vet tested his thyroid and then put him on a low-dose Thyroid replacement, and the hair grew back. It is NOT anything serious, and from
reading other stories, it can be seasonal. Our girl had mild cases a few times, but we didn't treat it since the vet said it wasn't a "big deal". LOL, they both had OTHER issues that WERE big deals!

ASIDE from the food being a huge part of Meaty's misery, (ears, tail pocket problems, wrinkles, HUGE
interdigital cysts between his poor toes!) Vet also started him on APOQUEL, which we are sooo thankful for !!! It has reallllly improved Meaty's quality of life !!! :yes:

For the times when he still seemed misera-bull with itching, vet told us it was safe to give him Benadryl (call your vet for the CORRECT dosage!!)

I hope your sweet guy does reallly well, and soooo happy you rescued !!! We've fostered/ adopted a few times, and just LOVE it !!!!!
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