Question, Since you’re all pet owners

I remember when I first brought my English Bulldog home, I was so worried about getting everything just right. One thing that really helped me was browsing through sites like They have some fantastic tips and tricks that really eased my anxiety as a new pet parent.Personally, I think the biggest challenge was figuring out the best diet for my bulldog. I tried a few different brands before finding one that didn't upset his stomach. What about you guys?
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Buy a shop-vac. MORE POWER!
Well I did end up buying crosswave, paid nearly 400$, used it maybe 7x n then the water didn’t come out anymore. They sent me a new arm section n that didn’t work either. So they sent me a new machine. When I opened it, it was a model under the one I bought.🤬 Used it 3x so far still working. But yeah, should definitely have not bought that brand. Unless I got a lemon, I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️

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