Poor Chester...call the food police..


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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we didn't get a chance to go to PetSmart and ran out of Chester's Avoderm :*( Well..we gave him.. (get ready to gasp).. Milo's Beneful :eek: (keep in mind, I've really tried to wean Milo over to a better food, but he will not touch Avoderm). Anyway.. poor Chessie has been gagging and hacking for 2 days now and he threw up :down: I know it's the food.. poor boy :(
Careful, he may poo on your foot for revenge!! ;)
LOL.. yes, husband is on his way to PetSmart now for some good ole Avoderm. And to get Chessie's nails trimmed :eek: But hey, can't have it all. ;)
[MENTION=530]LisaRN[/MENTION] I have small 2 oz samples of natures logic I could send to you, maybe Milo could taste those?
Don't feel too bad about milo's stubborness. I learned a long time ago that there are foods (not sure which ones) that are pheromone treated to make them more appealing to dogs. There may be something about the beneful that might be more appealing. Keep trying I'm sure you'll get him to switch too in time ;)
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] I'd be willing to try those for him. It's amazing..I even mixed it in with the beneful and he left every single morsel of avoderm in his bowl and ate the other stuff. He's older (8) and he's picky. I tried once to put some samples of wet food on his dry and he would even touch it. Luckily, he has really had no health issues at all. But our cocker spaniel who we put to sleep about a year and a half ago - if he had better food, I think he would have had a better life his past couple of years - he had so many health issues, that a better food may have helped :(
I will put some samples to you in the mail then [MENTION=530]LisaRN[/MENTION]

It may be a tough switch at the age of 8. They put chicken digest in most cheap foods that makes it more 'appealing' to dogs. Unfortunately, it is not good stuff (chicken digest) at all. :( But you never know, AvoDerm is quite unique in smell (to me it smells good), so maybe a different brand is what you need. :)

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