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Jun 23, 2010
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A good friend of mine is a grey-hound rescuer and works for a excellent raw dog food company. He sent PETA a letter complaining about Vick and Obama stating he was happy Vick got a second chance and this is what they wrote back. I found it interesting. Just thought I would share.
I edited his phone numbers.

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for writing to PETA about Michael Vick. We join with everyone who is deeply concerned that a convicted dogfighter like Vick has said that he wants to adopt a dog. President Obama’s recent praise for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles for giving Vick a second chance is a bit different: Obama models himself after former South African President Nelson Mandela, who worked to move everyone forward after the retribution trials in his country (i.e., his focus is on redemption and second chances). We have urged caution and pointed out that most dogs used in Vick’s dogfighting operation died badly and so did not get a second chance and that those who did still cower and shake while Vick is out playing ball. The president’s spokesperson clarified that the White House still takes the crime of dogfighting very seriously.

Michael Vick should never, ever be allowed to have a dog in his home or within 100 yards of him, even after his probation, which prohibits him from having contact with dogs, ends in 2012. PETA has stated publicly that, just as convicted pedophiles must not be allowed free access to children, anyone who was responsible for hanging, electrocuting, drowning, and shooting dogs—including his own family “pets”—and who caused them to suffer in other unimaginable ways should never again touch a dog.

On Thanksgiving, PETA staff members were in Vick’s old neighborhood in Newport News, Virginia, where they picked up a young male pit bull who had been tied to a metal pole in the freezing weather without any shelter. Upon investigation, we discovered that this pit was set to go to Michael Vick’s cousin’s house. Vick’s cousin still breeds and sells pits. That dog will not be going back. We have told the media that while we think it’s good that Michael Vick still gives talks telling children not to fight dogs, he also needs to return to his old “backyard” to talk to his own relatives about how to care for dogs and to ask them to stop their commercial activities with pits.

Animal abusers do not deserve to be rewarded with multimillion-dollar contracts or be given the privilege to serve as a role model for millions of children—a distinction that all professional athletes inevitably receive, whether they want it or not. Rather than focusing on individual players, we’re asking activists to join PETA in urging the NFL to forbid cruelty to animals in its code of conduct and require all its players—some of whom have already been involved in cruelty-to-animals cases—to attend PETA’s “Developing Empathy for Animals” course. By focusing on the big picture and educating these men about making compassionate choices and having personal integrity on and off the field, we can influence the most at-risk individuals—the young people who admire them. To send a letter to the NFL, please go to

For more thoughts on Vick, please visit Is Michael Vick a Changed Man? |

In the meantime, we have increased our efforts to get other athletes on board to speak out against dogfighting. Chicago Bears star Lance Briggs recently released a public service announcement calling on viewers to allow dogs inside their homes and make them a part of the family (Lance Briggs: Be Your Dog). Basketball player Ron Artest (Ron Artest in New PETA Ad |, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz (Tito Ortiz Says, "I Choose to Be in the Ring. Animals Don't." |, and world welterweight boxing champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley (Sweet! Boxing Champ 'Sugar' Shane Mosley Battles Dogfighting | have all spoken out against this cruel and illegal blood sport.

As a result of the Vick dogfighting case, the number of tips and leads that we’re receiving regarding cases of all types of animal abuse, including dogfighting and cockfighting, is increasing. We are working hard to follow up on these cases, to offer rewards for evidence, and to help law-enforcement officials across the country do their part as well. Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states, so sentences can be severe for those who are convicted of this crime. For more information on this very serious form of animal abuse, please see Dogfighting | If you suspect that dogfighting is taking place in your area, please contact the local police department right away. For more guidelines on reporting cruelty to animals, visit What To Do if You Spot Animal Abuse |

Please ask your elected officials to do more to stop dogfighting in your state. For contact information, go to Login | Action Alerts | Action | PETA. You can also write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines to raise awareness of this issue; for letter-writing tips, see Guide to Letter-Writing |

Thank you again for writing and for your concern for animals.


The PETA Staff


Jeff Wurtzel

Green Bay Pet Food Company

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Jan 28, 2010
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That was very interesting!!! I am glad they say he will never touch a dog again!


Mar 28, 2010
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Thank you for sharing! This whole thing just sickens me as I know it does everyone here. It amazes me how he can get rehired and make millions just because he is that good. And on top of that so many fans have accepted this. Sick! I have to say he is actually worse than oj simpson for the mere fact that what he did was intentional and to innocent animals whereas at least Oj acted out of rage which is still unexcuseable but more understandable than just being a sick and heartless person. I wish he were tortured, raped and executed the way his dogs were.


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Jun 23, 2010
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[MENTION=390]cali~jenn[/MENTION], I am with you on this....just makes me sick and the fact there are people out there that care more about the money and wins than the character of the player. I don't agree with anyone arrested for drugs, DUI, animal abuse, domestic violence, sexting etc......should be out there as a role model for kids, esp boys!

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