Peeing in house after neutering


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Nov 29, 2010
Jacksonville, FL
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Tyson and Daisy
Hi everyone. Tyson is now just over 6 months old, housebroken, out of the crate, and doing great on Fromm! So to celebrate, I had him neutered just under 2 weeks ago. :D In terms of the surgery and recovery, everything went well. But, ever since I got him home, he has pee'd in the house several times, and in the past 2 days it seems to be more frequent.

I was wondering - is this a common side effect of neutering? He does seem to pee a bit more when we take our walks, but I thought he was just marking. He also has not pee'd in the house in front of me - I just happen to step in a wet spot and find it (he also pee'd on the bed twice when I was out of the room.)

I gave him a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar this morning in case it is a UTI, but I have no idea if this is normal behavior. Has anyone else experienced this?


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