my dog became weak after a fight


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Nov 16, 2021
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our neighbor who just got their rescued 3 yr old pitbull asked me if we could bring our dog to their backyards so they could be playmates. I said yes since i've known them for over a year now and i also think it's a good idea. at first, they are just trying to get to know each other since they are only meeting for the first time, we let them play in the backyards then suddenly we heard a growling and we saw them fighting. we immediately came to them and i dont see any injuries from my dog but after that day i noticed my dog suddenly became weak he just lost his energy and strength. i looked it up on google and saw an article abt internal injuries. some symptoms said that it could be intternal injuries but we are hoping that it is not. we are bringing him tomorrow on the vet.


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Mar 31, 2019
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I hope it's nothing serious. Good to get it checked out though. Please keep us updated.


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Jun 19, 2013
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You need to have a vet check on your dog...
Whenever you introduce dogs, it needs to be in neutral territory... like a park or something. And I would keep them both on a leash for good period of time... it's hard to say what can trigger a dog. My Willow is extremely dog aggressive, and it snaps out of nowhere. This is why I'm not a fan of dog parks, because people will bring their highly aggressive dogs and act like nothing is wrong when fights start.


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Jul 28, 2011
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Yes, could definitely be internal issues. Please keep us posted... praying he is just bruised.
As Tracey mentioned... introducing two adults dogs needs to be done carefully and slowly on neutral grounds. Even though the pitty was new to the house being a rescue you have no idea what their past was and how they were treated. Take the pups on leashed walks together and be sure the humans are between the dogs, they will get to know they are a part of the pack and possibly become 'friends'. But it takes time

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