My bulldog the pigeon


Jul 11, 2010
United States
Bulldog(s) Names
Bentley, Linus, Truman
I noticed this with Truman yesterday but, now that I think of it, all three of my bullies did this...when they get really upset or really want something, they make the strangest whining noise, almost like a pigeon cooing.

For example, I heard it this morning when Truman was blocked off by the baby gate and he started whining/howling and it sounded kind of like a pigeon.

Linus does it when there's a ball or toy under the couch that he REALLY wants and barking isn't working.

Am I totally crazy or does anyone else's bulldog make a curious noise when they are staging a protest or really want something they can't get to?
Samson does it too! Samson cries like a little girl if he wants something, can't think of what the pigeon coo sounds like exactly so I don't know if I would say it sounds like that but it is a crying, whining thing with Samson. People are so shocked that he makes this noise! He does is when I go upstairs and the baby gate at the bottom stops him from following me, if I go out to the garage and I don't take him, sometimes when I leave the house.
to funny you should get a video of him doin it next time...

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