Is that a Boxer Puppy? NO!!!!!


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Sep 10, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names
So my English Bulldog Puppy will be 11 weeks old on 10/04/2011. I am getting ask all the time..." is that a boxer puppy?" So I was just wondering does my puppy look like a boxer? I wont be mad whatever you guys say...Im just wondering. Does he look like a normal Bulldog Puppy?
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Well to be able to tell you I would need a pic. Also I got this all the time when dozer was younger because of his coloring and his legs we a little long. It used to aggravate me,but then I realized that the general public has a limited knowledge f dog breeds and you see boxers more often than bulldogs. Don't let it bother you.
Ok i saw his pic on your profile and I will tell you the reason people say that is the same reasom they used to say it about Dozer. He /she has a white muzzle and stripe up his head this is typical boxer coloring no worries looks like a cutie pie bulldog to me
Thank you very much...I try not to let it bother me its just they look at me like I dont know what kind of dog I have when I tell them its a bulldog and not a boxer...I posted pictures
I know lol I even had people who had bulldogs at a bulldog recsue event question me, I was p.o.ed to say the least .Just wait til he grows a little his build will eventually give it away. In the last pic of his butt I could tell immediatly.
its because of his colour, its the same as a boxer ... well people asked me what Walter was derrrrrrr..... i said Great dane and walked away..
Im glad he has a nice Thank you for your opinion.
Haha next time someone asks me im just going to say he is a tea cup chihuahua!lol:D
First off, your Jud's gorgeous...what a face! He looks like a bulldog to me. Boxers and bulldogs have some similar facial features so i can see why some people would say that. It's interesting to me that many people don't really know the bulldog breed on sight. Mine get mistaken for shi-tzu's and pugs often. Maybe i just take it for granted b/c i'm so into bullys!
Thank you. And yeah i get the "is that a pug" sometimes. But not as often as the boxer.
You mean he's not a Boxer??? BAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING :ROFL: He is a real cutie, and has nice coloring too, I will be looking forward to see pics as he grows up. Thanks for the pics.
I was going to say...If they thing ur bulldog is a **** tzu....there is got to be a problem!lol
thanks "davidh" I will def. post more pictures as he get older
He's gorgeous and (from my limited experience with Chance) he looks like a bulldog to me. :) I agree with the others... the general public and even a lot of the dog-owning public, often isn't knowledgeable enough to spot a bulldog. Chance has been called everything from a French bulldog to a boxer to a pitbull. I'm going to start telling people he's a pot bellied pig whose specialty is searching for truffles. :p

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