I think JACK is broke.

Jack Daniels

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Sep 1, 2011
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Jack Daniels
Whats wrong with my Bulldog ?!!
He wont fart NOR snore.!

I got a bulldog cause I wanted someone else in my home to get blamed for the farting and snoring.!
Just my luck, Jack is a total Mr. Proper! :cursing:
OMG... that is good stuff! But, wait... how old is he? Banks did not start fartting till she was almost two however she still does not snore.
That's a good problem to have.... He may start snoring when he gets a little older. The other problem??? Give him some broccoli :ROFL:

[MENTION=1648]Lucy-licious![/MENTION] :rofl:
haha want to trade bullys for a day? Tank snores VERY LOUD you can hear him all the way in another room.. and the farting... let's just say he knows how to clear a room! :lmao:
Vegas snores but I find it very comforting, I know he is comfortable, he rarely farts but when he does....he can clear the room. Ever hear the saying "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR?? YOU MAY JUST GET IT"???? :lmao:
both mine snore and fart; Tate farts louder than Finn but the scents of both are about the same in intensity...wait, is this TMI?:lmao:

they snore so loud sometimes that i think my downstairs neighbors are gonna pound on their ceiling again! maybe they think that's me snoring...oh boy.:blink:
Maybe you haven't made him mad yet. Give him something to get even with.

All in due time my friend. All in due time. :blink:
Feed him plenty of beef and I guarantee you will get all the noxious Bully farts you could ever wish for
Oh there's hope all righty, Wilson has been farting since we brought him and had his first snore at 8 weeks. At 8 months he can clear a room and he now snores with the best of them. You know what they say, "be careful of what you wish for." :ROFL: :ROFL:

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