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Feb 27, 2010
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we just got our very first bulldog!! One year old red and white name Pac-Stun! we are loving every min of it. It is just my husband and I and our rabbit, kitten, bulldog and my Quarter Horse. My husband is station in the Navy and I am a full time student. finishing my minor in business next year and then 2 years left of Veterniary School. Pretty excited about that. We, well more I am interested in showing. not so much of breeding. but the showing. I have showing livestock before and miss the show ring. Other than that, there is nothin much to us.
Welcome! We were married in Port Orchard, at the Grace bible church! We lived in Sunnyslope (next to belfair). We got our first bulldog in Seattle. My father was Navy too and was stationed in Bremerton. I am glad you got a bulldog, they are such wonderful and loyal companions! Have you been working with Pac to start in the show ring?


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yeah i have kinda started training on showing him. but its minly trying to get him to calm down and what not. he is a hyper little guy. ok he isn't really little.lol..he is a year old. so yeah. the lady who we had him before started traning him, but then she got a new job, nad couldn't keep up on him. so we bought him. and he is great walking by your side and stands nicely! well i think anyways. but he gets really excited when he meets other dogs. so we are slowly working on that. i don't trust the dog park in bremerton. so we have been going to PetSmart and PetCo, and asked acouple of people around our apartments to walk there dogs by aand then meet Pacs. He is slowly getting better. it will take a while.

Yeah, my husband is in the Navy. My Parents where stationed up here when i was little. so i am use to the town. but, that was also like 15 years ago. so yeah.

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