Dry eye?? Allergies??


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Jan 12, 2011
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Roxi Bear
How do you know if your bully has dry eye?
Also, how do you know if your bully has allergies?
A bully typically develops dry eye if they've undergone surgery for a condition like cherry eye and their gland has been removed.

Allergies can manifest themselves in all kinds of ways with bullies - gooey eyes, hot spots, interdigital cysts, itchy wrinkles, stinky faces, etc.

How is Roxi? Are you concerned about allergies in her?
Well, yes and no... Roxi did have cherry eye surgery when she was about 4-5 months old (She's 9 months now). Her eyes seem to be watery and red lately, the "bad" eye more so than the other one. Also, she has been scratching her face or at least trying!:LMAO:She has kind of always done this but it seems to be occuring more often. I know spring has sprung :crazy: and allergens are in full swing so I know this could be a definite possibility. Any suggestions?
Bertie eyes were looking kind of red and watery and she would rub her face on the carpet. I actually had my carpets cleaned and her eyes looked better the next day. I'm thinking it might have been all the crap from the carpet.

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