Dog Food Ratings


With thousands of dog foods on the market, how do you know which one to choose for your dog?

Our initial research on dog foods began in April of 2010 and we are continuously adding new foods to our list. If you have a food that is NOT on our list, please send a personal message to bullmama.

For even more information on dog food, visit our English Bulldog Diet and Nutrition Forums to see what food and health tips our members are using. Dog food brands are listed in alphabetical order according by star rating. Many dog food companies are constantly changing their ingredients and formulas, so another great resource for dog food ratings is

Keep in mind, these gradings are based uponALL dog breeds. English Bulldogs are more prone to allergies and more sensitive to foods and ingredients such as high levels of protein than other dog breeds. Therefore, this is to be used strictly as a GUIDELINE for you to find a great choice for your bulldog. It will be trial and error until you find the perfect food, and a 4 star food may work better for your English Bulldog than a 6 star food.

Remember to always take time while switching foods. Add more of the new food to the current food you are feeding for a minimum of a week until they have made a complete switch.

Also note, we are not paid to say any dog food is better than the other! These ratings are based upon several factors. Ingredients, research, label reading, additives, vitamin content, cooking times, online articles, and most of all..... member testimonials.

Click Here to read about understanding dog food labels.

6 Stars = Best Foods
1 Star = Yuk.

6 Star Dog Foods:
Artemis- Maximal Dog
Blue- Wilderness
Earthborn Holistic- Primative Natural
Fromm Four Star Foods- All Dry Kibble Formulas
Fromm Four Star Foods- All Grain Free Kibble Formulas
Grandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Raw
Go Natural Fit + Free Grain Free Adult, Puppy, & Senior
Honest Kitchen Freeze Dried Raw
Horizon Legacy- Adult Canine
Horizon Legacy- Puppy
Merrick-Grain Free Duck, Pork, Chicken, Buffalo
Nature's Logic Natural- All Dry Kibble Formulas
Nature's Variety- All Instinct & Grain Free Forumlas
Orijen-Adult, Puppy, Regional Red, Six Fish & Senior
Stella And Chewy's Freeze Dried Raw
Wellness Core
Wellness Core Ocean
Wellness Core Reduced Fat

5 Star Dog Foods:
Acana- Regionals- Grasslands, Pacifica, Prairie Harvest, & Ranchlands
Acana-Classics- All Formulas
Acana-Singles- Duck and Bartlett Pear & Lamb & Okanagan Apple
Artemis Fresh Mix- Adult, Small Breed adult, & Weight Managment
Artemis Fresh Mix- Med/Large Breed Puppy, Small Breed Puppy
AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal & Brown Rice- Adult Dog or Puppy
AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Adult Dog
Back To Basics- All formulas
By Nature BrightLife Canine Food
Canidae-All Life Stages or Beef & Fish
Canidae- Grain Free- ALS formula or Salmon Meal formula
Castor n Pollux Ultramix grain free or grain & poultry free
Dogswell Nutrisca- All Formulas
Earthborn Holistic: Great Plains Feast, Coastal Catch, Meadow Feast
Fromm Gold Nutritionals- Adult, Large Breed Puppy, Puppy & Senior
Go Natural Refresh + Renew Chicken
Go Natural Sensitivity + Shine Salmon
Go Natural Sensitivity + Shine Duck
I and Love and You Nude- all recipes
Merrick-Classic Recipes- All Formulas
Nature's Variety Prairie- Beef Meal & Barley
Nature's Variety Prairie- Chicken Mean & Brown Rice Canine Dry Diet
Nature's Variety Prairie- Lamb Mean & Oatmeal
Nature's Variety Prairie- New Zealand Venison Meal & Millet
Nature's Variety Prairie- Salmon Mean & Brown Rice
O&M Prime Life Plus
Pinnacle Peak Protein formula
Show Bound Naturals Chicken & Brown Rice formula
Show Bound Naurals Lamb & Brown Rice Formula
Timberwolf Organics- Black Forest Ham or Dakota Bison Canid formula
Timberwolf Organices- Nutrient Dense Lamb, Barley and Apples Canid Formula
Timberwolf Organics- Ocean Blue Canid Formula or Southwest Chicken Canid Formula
Timberwolf Organics- Wild & Naural Canid Formula or Wilderness Elk Dry Canid Formula
Wellness- Just For Puppy
Wellness Super5Mix- Chicken, Lamb, Large Breed Puppy or Small Breed

4 Star Dog Foods
Annamaet- Option or Ultra
APD Select Choice- Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Puppy or Chicken Meal & Rice Skin & Coat
APD Select Choice Lamb Meal & Rice-Renew Skin & Coat or Skin & Coat Formulas
Arden Grange- Adult Lamb & Rice, Puppy/Junior Large Breed or Weaning/Puppy
Artemis Fresh Mix Weight Management
Artemis Holistic Dog Food Natural 6 Mix
Artemis Osopure Small Breed Adult or Puppy
Barking Heads- Bad Hair Day, Fusspot or Tender Loving Care
Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine
Berrimans Puppy/Junior Plus Chicken & Rice
Blue Buffalo- Life Protection All Formulas
Blue Buffalo-Freedom Grain Free
Blue Buffalo-Longevity
Blue Buffalo Basics- Puppy, Adult, Small and Large Breed Chicken & Grain Free Turkey
Brandon Farms Organics Chicken Forumla For Dogs
Burns High Energy Lamb
By Nature Natural- Adult, Active Formula, Pork & Sweet Potato or Puppy
By Nature Organics Chicken Formula
Castor n Pollux Organix Grain Free
C&Ps Natural Ultramix- Adult, Large Breed Adult or Weight Management
C&Ps Natural Ultramix- Puppy or Large Breed Puppy
C&Ps Organix Puppy, Adult Canine or Less Active Adult
California Natural Chicken Meal & Rice (adult & puppy)
California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato Adult
California Natural Lamb & Rice (adult & puppy)
Canidae- Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice
Chicken Soup For The dog Lover's Soul
Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lover's Soul Large Breed and Regular Puppy
Cloud Star Holistic chicken Kibble
Corey Proseries Holistic
Dog Lover's Gold
Eagle Pack Holistic Select-Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal or Chicken Meal & Rice,
Eagle Pack Holistic Select- Lamb Meal & Riceor Duck Meal & Oatmeal
Eagle Pack Holistic Select-Large & Giant Breed (adult & puppy)
Earthblend Natural Dog Food
Evanger's Super Premium Chicken & Brown Rice & pheasant and brown rice
First Mate Naturally Holistic
Flint River Ranch- Lamb/Millet/Rice (puppy & adult)
Flint River Ranch- Premium Fish & Chip Dog Food
Foundations- Chicken & Vegetable Adult & Puppy Forumlas
Fromm Classic Adult or Mature Adult
Greatlife Grain & Potato Free Dog Food- Buffalo, New Zealand Lamb, Open Range Chicken
HALO- Spots Stew Adult- Wholesome Chicken/Wild Salmon/Lamb & Grain Free- Surf N Turf
HALO-Spots Stew Small Breed- Chicken/Turkey,Duck,& Pheasant
HALO- Spots Stew Puppy- Wholesome Chicken/Wild Salmon Happy Paws Dog Food
Harvest Blend- Growth Maintenance & Supreme Fish
Health Food For Dogs
HelathWise Lamb Meal & Oatmeal
Innova- EVO
Innova- EVO Red Meat
Innova- EVO Reduced Fat
Innova- Adult Dry Dog Food - Red Meat - Large Bites & Small Bites
Innova- Adult Dry Dog Food - Small Bites & Large Bites
Innova- Puppy Dry Puppy Food
Innova- Large Breed Adult, Puppy, Senior
Life4k9 Chicken & Barley, Lamb & Barley
Lotus- Chicken, Lamb or Puppy Recipe
Natural Balance- AMP Ultra Active, Organice Formula, Potato & Duck
Natural Balance- Sweet Potato & Fish, Sweet Potato & Venison, Ultra Premium
Natures Select- Chicken Rice & Lamb or Puppy
Now Grain-Free - Puppy, Adult or Senior
nulo lifestyles & Naturals
Nutri Life All Gold
Nutra Source: Pure-Vita Bison, Pure-Vita Turkey, Pure-Vita Salmon
Nutra Source Grain Free: Lamb, Chicken, Large Breed Chicken, Large Breed Lamb
Nutro Ultra Holistic Adult, Puppy, & Small Breed Adult
Optima Professional Puppy formula with Lamb
Performatrin Ultra- Chicken & Brown Rice/Lamb & Rice/Salmon & Olive Oil
Performatrin Ultra Puppy- Chicken & Rice/Lamb Meal & Rice
Petguard- LifeSpan
Pets First Naturals New Zealand Lamb & Rice
PHD Canine Growth & maintenance (Vland)- Regular Bite/Small Bite
Pinnacle Canine Chicken & Oats Forumla
Pinnacle Allergen-free Duck & Potato
Premium Edge Adult- Chicken, Rice & Vegetables/Lamb, Rice & Vegetables
Premium Edge Healthy Weight II Weight Control
Premium Edge Skin & Coat Salmon, Potatoes & Vegetables
Sensible Choice- Natural Blend Adult & Puppy
Showcoat Lamb & Rice
Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
Solid Gold- Hund-N-Flocken Adult Dog & Puppy Food Flakes/Mmillennia Beef & Barley
Solid Gold-(bison) Just a Wee Bit Adult/WolfCub Puppy/Wolfking Adult Dog
Taste of the Wild High Prairie & Sierra Mountain Canine Formula
Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Forumla
Taste of the Wild- Pacific Stream
Taste of the Wild- Pacific Stream and High Prairie Puppy
TLC Whole Life Dog Food
VeRUS G/P Advantage Diet Chicken Meal, Oats & Brown Rice
Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension- Little Bites/OriginalTaste of the Wild High Prairie & Sierra Mountain Canine Formula
Wellness- Fish & Sweet Potato/Weight Management/SuperMix Senior
Wellness Simple Solutions- Rice & Duck/Rice & Venison
Wysong Archetype
Zinpro Beryl

3 Star Dog Foods
Addiction Wild Kangaroo & Apples
ADF Duck & Potato Holistic
ADF Fishmeal & Potato Holistic
Almo Nature Holistic Croquettes- Large Breed for adult/puppy/senior/diet/sensitive
Almo Nature Holistic Croquettes- Medium Breed for Adult/Diet/Puppy/Senior/Sensitive
Almo nature Holistic Croquettes-Small Breed for Adult/Puppy/Diet/Senior/Sensitive
American Natural Premium Basic, Original or Endurance
ANF- Adult Holistic/Adult Lamb & Rice/Adult Turkey & Barley/Holistic Puppy
Annamaet- Encore or Extra
APD Select Choice- Chicken Meal & Rice Lite/ Lamb Meal & Rice Senior
Arden Grange Adult- Large Breed Chicken & Rice/Adult Performance/Adult Salmon & Rice
Arden Grange- Premium/ Prestige/ Puppy-Junior/ Senior/ Sensitive Ocean White Fish & Potato
Artemis Power Formula
Autarky Spring Puppy
Authority Harvest Baked- Chicken Adult/ Chicken Less Active/ Chicken Puppy/ Baked Lamb Adult
Avoderm Natural- Brown Rice, Oatmeal & Chicken Meal (Lite Adult & Senior Adult) or Trout & Wild Rice
Azmira- Classic or Lamb Meal & Barley
Bakery Blend Chicken Redipe- Adult/ Puppy/ Reduced Calorie
Barking Bison Dry Dog Food
Berrimans Chicken & Rice- Adult Maintenance/ Senior Light Chicken & Rice
Black Gold Signature Series 25/14 Ultimate Adult
Blackwood 3000- Lamb & Rice, 5000 Allergy Formula, 7000 High Stress Adult
Blue Buffalo- Chicken & Brown Rice, Lite/ Senior
Bozita Robur- Breeder/ Maintainence/ Performance
Burns- Active/ Canine Extra/ Chicken & Brown Rice/ Duck & Brown Rice/ Fish & Brown Rice/ High Oats
Burns- Lamb & Brown Rice/ Mini Bites Puppy/ Organice Adult/ Pork & Potato, Venison & Brown Rice
California Natural- Low Fat Rice & Lamb
Canadian naturals Fresh Turkey & Salmon
Canidae Platinum (Senior/Overweight)
Canine Caviar- All formulas
Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover's Soul- Light, Large Breed, Senior
Cory Proseries- Adult Maintenance/ Performance Dog/ Proseries Puppy/ Senior-Lite
CSJ Command Performance- 18 Less Active/ 21 Salmon/ 24 Active/ 27 Puppy/ 30 Hi Energy
CSJ Original Natural Herbie Nuts/ Herbie Rings
Dave's Simply the Best
Diamond Beef Meal & Rice Formula or Large Breed Adult
Diamond Naturals- Beef Meal & Rice Adult/ Chicken & Rice Adult/ Extreme Athlete/ Lamb Meal & Rice Adult
Diamond Naturals Large Breed 60+ Adult/ Large Breed Puppy Lamb & Rice
Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Lamb & Rice or Small Breed Puppy
Dog Fuel Large Breed Adult or Puppy, Large Breed Senior
Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Adult, Weight Control, or Puppy Forumlas
Drs Foster & Smith Adult Chicken & Brown Rice, Lamb & Brown Rice or Lite Chicken & Brown Rice
Drs Foster & Smith Dry Senior Dog, Puppy food, or Senior Dog Food Forumlas
Dynamite Super Premium
Eagle Pack- Holistic Select Senior Care, Puppy Chicken & Oat Bran or Senior Care
Earthborn Holistic- Adult Vantage, Ocean Fusion, Puppy Vantage or Small Breed
Evolve- Maintenance/ Puppy Formula/ Reduced Calorie Formula/ Senior Formula
Exclusion with: Duck & Potato/ Fish & Potato/ Rabbit & Potato/ Venison & Potato
Exlusive- Chicken & Rice Large Breed Adult or Puppy/ Performance/ Puppy/ Senior
Exclusive- Chicken & Rice Reduced Fat/ Lamb & Rice Adult
Field & Trial- Duck & Rice Hypoallergenic/ Salmon & Rice Hypoallergenic
First Mate- Lamb, Potato & Rice/ Potato & Fish
First Mate Potato & Fish- Large Breed, Puppy or Senior
Flint River Ranch Premium Puppy/Adult Nugget Large Dog Food
Forumla K
Forza 10 Puppy Junior or Puppy Junior Diet
Foundations Chicken & Vegetable Large Breed or Weight Management Forumla
Foundations Lamb & Vegetable All Life Stages
Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine
Golden Eagle Holistic Chicken, Duck or Lamb Forumla
Gold Eagle Holistic Large Breed Adult 24/14 or Large & Giant Breed Puppy 23/13
Gold Eagle Holistic Power Formula 30/20 or Puppy Formula 28/17
Goldne Eagle Holistic Salmon Formula 22/12 or Senior Formula 26/11
Grandma Mae's Country Naturals Adult or Puppy Formulas
Guabi Natural
Happy Tails Holistic Dog Food
Happydog Supreme Ireland or Supreme Toscana
Harmony Farms Chicken & Brown Rice
Harvest Blend Senior- less active
Haven Naturals- Active/ Adult/ Puppy/ Senior
Healthwise Active or Weight Control
HealthWise- Chicken Meal & Oatmeal Adult or Chicken Meal & Rice Puppy
Holistic Blend All Life Stages Canine Chicken, Rice & Vegetable
Holistic Blend Lamb & Rice All Life Stages
Holistic Lamb & Rice 27/15 or Life Canine 24/15
Horizon Complete Adult, Puppy or Senior
Innova Low Fat Adult/ Senior/ Senior Plus
James Wellbeloved Duck & Rice Adult, Lamb & Rice Adult for Adult or Large Breed
James Wellbeloved Lamb & Vegetable Kibble
James Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish & Rice Adult or Ocean White fish & Vegetable Kibble
James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice Adult or Turkey & Vegetable Kibble
Karma Organic
Kirkland Signature Range Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Adult/ Lamb & Rice Adult
Kirkland Signature Range Super Premium Puppy Chicken, Rice & Vegetable
Legacy Large Breed Adult or Puppy
Legacy Small & Medium Breed Adult or Puppy
Lick Your Chops Adult Dog Maintenance Forumla
Lick Your Chops Lamb Meal, Rice & Egg Mainenance Forumla
Lick Your Chopes Puppy Formula
Lifes Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs
Lifes Abundance Weight-loss Forumla for Adult Dogs
Lotus Senior Recipe
Maxximum Nutrition Adult Recipe Lamb & Rice Formula
Millenia Developement / Gestation
Millenia Natural Weight Control / Geriatric
Multi menu 25-15 Fine Menu, 27-13 Active Max, Energy 27-13, Evolution Fish 25-15, Salmon 26-16
Native Level 1, 2, 3, 4
Natural Balance LID Lamb Meal & Brown Rice, Reduced Calorie, Vegetarian formula
Natural Dog Food Company- All in One -Chicken and Rice Dinner
Natural Life Alternative Companions Diet Venison Meal & Rice OR Benederm Formula
Natural Life Lamaderm Low Fat or Condition Dog Formulas
Natural Planet Organics
Naturedog Action or Pappy
Nature's Plan Large Breed Adult or Puppy
Nature's Plan Small Breed Adult or Puppy
Nature's Recipe Easy-To-Digest Fish Meal & Potato or Lamb, Rice & Barley
Nature's Recipe- Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley / Farm Stands Selects / Healthy Skin Venison Meal & Rice
Nature's Recipe Lamb Meal & Rice for Adults, Seniosr or Puppy
Natures Select- Chicken with Glucosamine, Lamb & Rice or Wild Alaskan Salmon with Sweet Potato
Newmans Own Organics- Adult Chicken or Advanced Chicken & Rice
Noble- Chicken & Rice, Performance or Puppy
Nova Fitness Trainer Adult- Duck & Rice / Fish & Potato / Fish, Turkey & Rice/ Lamb, Rice & Potato
Nova Fitness Trainer Adult- Mini Duck & Rice / Mini Fish & Potato / Mini Lamb, Rice & Potato / Power Fish
Nova Fitness Trainer Adult Mini or Medium-Maxi Rabbit & Maize
Nova Fitness Trainer Puppy Fish & Rice Mini, Medium-Maxi
Nova finess Trainer Puppy Rabbit & Rice- Mini, medium-Maxi
Nutra Gold- Indoor Dog Microbites / Lamb & Rice Adult / Large Breed Adult or Puppy
Nutra Gold- Puppy / Puppy Microbites / Salmon & Potato / Weight Control
Nutram Super Premium Dog Food- Allergy Care or Skin & Coat
Nutri Edge Chicken & Rice-- Adult small breed / Adult Stage 3 / Puppy & Adult Stage 2 / Puppy Stage 1
Nutri Edge Lamb & Rice
Nutrience Derma Skin & Coat- Lamb Meal & Rice Large/Giant/Small/Medium Breed Formulas
Nutripet Premium Dog Food
Nutrisource Adult Chicken & Rice, Lamb Meal & Rice, Large Breed Adult Chicken & Rice
Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice / Performance Chicken & Rice / Senior Chicken & Rice
Nutrisource Small & Medium Puppy Chicken & Rice
Nutrisource Super Performance Chicken & Rice or Weight Management Chicken & Rice
Nutro Ultra Holistic- Large Breed Adult / Large Breed Puppy / Senior / Weight Management
Nuturdog Junior
O&M-- Puppy Pride, Trim & Active or VIP Ultimate nutrition
Optima Professional- Adult with Chicken / Adult with Lamb / Puppy Formula with Chicken
Optima Professional- Salmon & Potato / Senior with Chicken / Senior with Lamb
Oven Baked Tradition Fish recipe- Adult Formula
OvenBaked -- Adult Chicken Recipe, White Fish Adult, Senior, or Puppy Chicken Recipe
Paw4mance- Breeder Blend Dog Recipe / Chicken & Brown Rice Original
Paw4mance- Platinum Lamb & Brown Rice / Puppy & Active Dogs
Perfect Choice Holistic
Pero-- Chicken & Rice / Organic
Pet Chef Express- Chicken & Rice/Lamb & Rice/Lean/Puppy/Salmon & Potato/Sensitive/Venison & Potato
Petguard- Organices Lifepath
The Pet Pantry- Lamb & Rice Premium
Pets First- Naturals Holistic Chicken & Rice, Originals Lamb, Chicken & Rice
Pets First Supernaturals-- Chicken & Barley Large Breed / Chicken & Oatmeal Puppy
Pets First Supernaturals-- Salmon & Potato / Weight Challenged Chicken & Barley
PHD Canine Supportive Formula (Comend)
Pinnacle Canine Trout & Sweet Potato Forumal
Platinum Puppy Chicken
Precise-- Chicken Meal & Rice or Foundation/ Endurance/ Large & Giant Breed Puppy / Sensicare
Precise Plus-- Adult / Large Adult / Puppy
Premium Edge- Healthy Weight I Weight Reduction / Senior Dog Lamb, Rice & Vegetables
Prism Adult 26/18
PRO PAC Earthboarn Holistic
Professional-- Active Dog Chicken & Rice, Large Breed Puppy, Puppy, or Senior Chicken & Barley
Professional Adult Dog-- Chicken & Barley / Lamb & Rice / Rice & Chicken Low-Fat
Performance- Active Adult / Chicken & Rice / Lamb & Rice / Freshway Holistic Chicken & Rice
Performance- Large Breed Puppy / Power / Puppy / Senior Care
Pure Vita- Chicken & Rice / Duck & Oatmeal / Salmon & Potato
Pure Woff Adult
Redpaw Poweredge 26K
Regal- Acitve / Adult / Lamb / Puppy / Sensi / Venison
Riplees Ranch- Holistic Orginal / Holistic Senior Light
Royal Canin-- Medium Breed Adult 25 / Mini Puppy 33 / Mini Toy Indoor Adult 25
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet-- Canine Control Formula / IVD Potato & Rabbit / IVD Potato & Whitefish
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet-- IVD Potato & Venison / IVD Potato & Venison for Large Breeds
Sammy Snacks-- Chicken Meal Adult / Lamb Meal Adult / Lamb Meal Puppy / Senior Lite
Sensible Choice Natural Blend Senior
Showcoat- Natural with Avacado / Puppy
Sigma 7 Gourment-- Salmon, Duck & Oats/ Trout, Rabbit & Organic Spelt / Whitefish, Peas, Potato & Red M
Simply Nourish-Petsmart- all formulas
Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Adult Dog
Strongpoint-- Hi pro / Maintenance / Naturally Premium / Performance Plus / Puppy / Senior
Summit Advance Adult- Chicken Meal & Rice / Lamb Meal & Rice
Summit- Australian Lamb / Chicken Meal & Rice / Originals Adult 3 Meat Protein
Techni-Cal Canine-- Lamb & Rice / Sensitivity + Easy To Digest
Techni-Cal Natural Blend-- Duck & Oatmeal / Puppy / Salmon & Potato / Senior
VeRUS Adult-- Life Advantage Chicken & Oats / Maintenance Diet Lamb & Oats
VeRUS- Advanced Opticoat Diet Menhaden Fish Meal & Potato / Holistic Health Extension Lite
Vitalin- Bitch Diet / Lamb & Rice / Puppy Plus
Wafcol-- Adult Salmon & Potato / Puppy Slamon & Potato
Wenaewe Organic Beef Adult
Wild Kangaroo & Apple
Wysong- all fomulas

2 Star Dog Foods
1st Choice- All Formulas
Active Care- All Formulas
Adirondack- All Formulas
American Kennel Club Natural Pet- All Formulas
ANF- Adult Chicken Recipe, Low Activity/Senior, Performance, Puppy, & Puppy 28
Annamaet Adult
Arden Grange Adult Light Chicken & Rice
Autarky Autumn Mature Dog & Summer Dog
Authority- Adult Beef & Rice, Lite with Real Chicken, Lite with Real Lamb
Authority- Puppy with Real Chicken, Puppy With Real Lamb
Authority Senior- with real Chicken, Large breed or standard formula
Avoderm Natural- Original with Beef Meal Oven Baked or Vegetarian Adult
Belcando- All formulas except Multi-Croc (1 star)
Best Breed- All formulas
Black Gold- 23/14 Lamb Meal & Rice, 31/21 Ultimate Performance, 32/24 Ultimate Puppy
Blackwood 1000 Adult, 2000 Large Breed Puppies & Active Adults, 4000 Reduced Fat
Blue Seal- All Formulas
Bozita Robur- Light & Sensitive
Brandon Farms Naturals- All Formulas
Breeders Choice Perfect Servings Chicken with Pasta
Brit Care Activity All Breed Lamb & Rice
Caribou Creed Gold
Cesar- All Formulas
Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover's Soul Light
Chudley- Junior, Senior, Chunks, Classic, Original, Performance, Puppy, Snippets
Chudley- Greyhound Maintenance, Greyhound Racer, Working Crunch, Working Mix
CSJ- Command Performance
CSJ Natural- Champ Adult, Little Champ, Sooper Dooper
CSJ Original Natural- Fit n Fast, Hi Lost, Puppy, Rocket Fuel, That'll Do
Davies Ranger Puppy
Defu- All Formulas
Denes Adult Senisitve Digestion Option
Diamond Naturals Senior 8+
Eagle Pack- Adult Small Bite for Dogs, Kennel Orignial Adult, Large & Giant Breed Puppy
Eagle Pack- Maintenance Formula Chicken Meal & Rice, Natural Lamb & Rice, Power Pack
Eukanuba- Adult Maintenance, Excess Weight, Wild Nature Venison & Multigrain
Eukanuba Natural- Lamb & Rice Adult, Puppy or Large Breed Adult
Eukanuba Naturally Wild-New Zealand Venison & Potato, Grown Turkey & Multigrain
Eukanuba naturally Wild North Atlantic Salmon & Rice
Eukanuba Sensitive- Digestion, Joints, or Skin Formulas
Excel Lamb & Rice
Field & Trail Puppy or Superior
First Mate- High Performance Puppy, Lamb Meal & Rice, Maintenance, Skoki
Flint River Ranch Premium- Senior Plus, Original Puppy/Adult Dog Food
Forza10- Maintenance Lite Tuna & Rice, Diet Fish, Maxi maintenance Venison & Potato
Forza10- Medium Diet Fish, Medium Diet Venison & Potoato, Maintenance Fish
Forza10- Maintenance Venison & Potato, Mini Diet Fish, Mini Maintenance
Franks- Breeder Line Normal 25/15
Franks Pro Gold- All Formulas
Genesis- All Formulas
Gilpa- All Formulas except "Slimline" (1 star)
Happydog- All Formulas except "Sano Croq" (1 star)
Hills Prescription D/D- Potato & Venison or Rice & Egg
Hills Prescription J/D
Husse- All Formulas except "Light" and "Prima" (1 star)
Iams Proactive Health Adult Lamb & Rice
Iams Veterinary Forumlas Skin & Coat Response
Inspiration- All Formulas
iVet- All Formulas
K-9 Premium Pet Food- All Forumlas but "Lite" (1 star)
Kronch- All Formulas
Kumpi- All Formulas
Lassie Natural Way- All Formulas Except Senior Chicken Meal & Rice (1 star)
Lick Your Chops Senior Dog
Loyall Lamb Meal & Rice 23/14
Markus-Muhle Naturah Hundefutter
Medi-cal - All Formulas
Members Mark Exceed Performance
Mera- Lamb & Rice, Sensitive
Millenia Natural Adult
Muenster Adult Dog
Multi Menu- Diet Menu 21-10, Lamb & Rice 23-12, Large Breed Puppy 24-14
Multi menu- Small Breed 26-16, Growth 28-14, High Performance 30-20, Unique 25-16
National- Adult, Performance Plus, or Puppy Formulas
Natural Balance- Super Premium High Energy, Lite or Regular Energy
Natural Life- Adult, Lamaderm Dog, Lamaderm Puppy, Senior, Puppy
Naturdog- All Formulas except Puppy & Action Formulas (3 stars)
Nature Heavenly Harvest
Nature's Best- All Formulas
Nature's Recipe- All Formulas
Natures Gift- All Formulas
Natures Select Ultra Lite for Senior
Noble Maintenance
Nutra Gold Senior
Nutra Nuggets Lamb Meal & Rice
Nutram- All But Allergy Care or Skin & Coat Formulas (3 stars)
Nutri Zoo- Adult Lamb & Rice, Maintenace, Performance
Nutrience Active Maintenance- All Formulas
Nutrience Holistic Alternative- All Formulas
Nutrience Junior Puppy medium or small breed formulas
Nutrience Supreme Maintenance- All Formulas
Nutro- All Formulas except Ultra Holisitic (3 stars)
PC Nutrition- All Formulas
Petguard Organic Adult (vegetarian)
Pets At Home Adult Complete 1-7 years
Pets First Originals Chicken & Rice Lite Diet
Petworth- All Formulas except Basic Adult Maintenance (1 star)
Platinum Adult Chicken
Precise- Competition, Light, Senior or Samll & Med Breed Puppy Formulas
Pet Pantry- Premium Adult Maintenace- 22/12
Prism- Canine Adult or Canine Performance
PRO PAC- Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Formula
Pro Plan Selects- All Formulas
Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach
Pronature- All Formulas
Rachel Ray Nutrish- Beef & Brown Rice Or Chicken & Veggies
Redpaw- Poweredge 32K or 38K
Regal lean Bites
Riplees Ranch Gold Label
Royal Canin- CYNOTECHNIQUE Energy 4800, Giant Adult Dog, Indoor Puppy 27
Royal Canin Maxi- Aging Care 26, Boxer 26, Breed Baby Dog 30, German Shepard 24
Royal Canin Maxi- Gold Retriever, Joint & Coat Care, Labrador Retriever 30
Royal Canin Maxi- Large Breed Adult 26, Large Breed Puppy 32, Weight Care 27
Royal Canine Medium Breed- Bulldog 24, Puppy 32, Special 25
Royal Canin Mini- Adult 27, Aging Care 27, Breed Baby Dog 30, Chihuahua 28
Royal Canin Mini- Indoor Adult 21, Miniature Schnauzer 25, Poodle 30, Shih Tzu 24
Royal Canin Mini- Special 30, Weight Care 30, Yorkshire 28
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet- Almost All Formulas, see 1 star and 3 star rated!
Sensible Choice- Adult Chicken Meal & Rice, Adult Lamb Meal & Rice
Sensible Choice Puppy Chicken Meal & Rice Regular or Large & Giant Breed
Sensible Choice Senior Dog- Lamb Meal & rice Or Chicken meal & Rice
SPORTMiX- Premium Lamb Meal & Rice Or Puppy Mini Morsels 27/12
Summit Originals Puppy 3 Meat Protein
Supadog- Sensitive
Supadog Wellbeing- Earlydays, Great Life, Kind & Sensitive, Young at Heart
Supercoat Sensitive
Supreme- All Formulas
Techni-Cal Canine- Adult, Bone & Joint, or Puppy Formulas
Tuffy's Gold Premium Lamb Meal & Rice
V-dog Crunch Nuggets
VeRUS Less Active/Senior Diet Lamb & Oats
VF Complete- All Formulas
Vatalin- Senior/Lite
Wafcol- Light Salmon & Potato, Senior Slamon & Potato

1 Star Dog Foods
Abady- All Forumlas
Advance- All Formulas
Affinity Advance
Alpha- All Formulas
Alpo- All Formulas
ANF Advantage- 21, 27, & Puppy
Arion- All Formulas
Arkat- All Formulas
Authority Adult Formulas with Real Chicken
Bakers Complete- All Formulas
Belcando- Multi Croc
Bench & Field- All Formulas
Beneful- All Formulas
Beta- All Formulas
Bill Jac- All Formulas
Black Gold- 21/8 Kennel, 23/16 Professional, 24/12 Trainers, 24/20 Field Trial
Black Gold- 26/18 Performance, 28/17 Large Breed Puppy, 30/20 Super Blend
Bozita- Energy, Extra, Junior, Light, Original, Original Mini & XL, Plus
Bozita Robur- Lamb & Rice, Low Protein
Buckeye- All Formulas
Chicopee- All Formulas
Choice- All Formulas
Chudleys- Supreme, Choice, Lite, Sensitive
Country Pursuit- All Formulas
Country Value- All Formulas
Country Vet- All Formulas
CSJ- Original Lamb Senior, Original Lamb with Rice
Davies Ranger- All but Puppy Formula (2 star)
Diamond- Hi Energy Sporting Dog, Low-Fat Formula, Maintenance, Originals
Diamond- Performance Formula, Premium Adult, Puppy Formula
Dr. John- All Formulas
Eagle Pack- Adult Reduced Fat for Overweight or Less Active Dogs
Eukanuba- Adult Large Breed, Boxer, Dachshund, German Shepard, Labrador Retriever
Eukanuba- Large Breed Premium Performance, Large/Medium/Small Breed Puppy
Eukanuba- Senior Large Breed Maintenance, Sensitive Stomach, Yorkshire Terrier
Evolution Diet Gourmet Pasta
Excel- All Formulas except Lamb & Rice (2 star)
Field & Trial- Working 23
First Mate- Trim & Light or wholesome
Flint River Ranch Premium Senior Dog
Franks Breeder Line- Maintenance 20/10 or Power 30/20
Friskies Come'N Get It
Gilpa Slimline
Goodlife Recipe- All Formulas
Happydog Sano Croq
Hi-Tor, - All Formulas
Hill's Science Diet- All Formulas
Hills Prescription B/D, C/D, D/D, G/D, H/D, I/D, K/D, L/D, R/D, T/D, U/D, W/D, Z/D
Husse- Light or Prima
Iams- All Formulas except Proactive Health Lamb Meal & Rice (2 Stars)
Iams Veterinary Formulas- All Formulas except Skin & Coat Response FP/Canine (2 Stars)
Irish Rover Roast Chicken & Vegetables
K-9 Premium Pet Food Lite
Kasco- All Formulas
Kibbles n Bits- All Formulas
Lassie Natural Way Senior Chicken Meal & Rice
Laughing Dog- All Formulas
Loyall- All Formulas except Lamb Meal & Rice (2 star)
Luposan- All Formulas
Madra- All Formulas
Mera- Active, Agility, Brocken, Energy, Flockenmix, Junior, Light, Reference
Mera- Reference Plus Odor Control, Senior, Softdiner, Univit
Montegro Classic- Adult, Puppy & Senior
Multi-Menu - Multi Value 21-8, Senior 21-8
National Maintenance Formula
Natural Life Senior Dog
Nova Class- All Formulas
Nova OK- All Formulas
Nova Trainer- All Formulas
Nutra Nuggets- Maintenance, Performance, Professional or Puppy Formulas
Nutri Zoo Complete
Nutrience Diet- All Formulas
Nutrience Junior- Puppy Large Breed
Nutrience Original Maintenence or Senior Older-less active Formulas
Optimum - All Formulas
Pascoes- All Formulas
PC Extra Meaty Lamb & Rice
Pedigree- All Formulas
Pet Promise- All Formulas
Pet-time - All Formulas
Petworth Basic Adult Maintenance
PMI Nutrition- All Formulas
Pointer- All Formulas
Prism Canine Maintenance
Prism Hy-Ration Hy-Protien for Dogs
PRO PAC- All Formulas except Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice (1*) & Earthborn Holistic (3*)
Pro Plan- All Formulas except "Select" formulas (2 stars)
Purina, Purina ONE, Purina Natural Blends, Purina Veterinary Diets- All Formulas
Red Flannel- All Formulas
Red Mills- All Formulas
Rodayo Brand Classic formula
Royal Canin Mini- Beauty Care 26, Dental Hygiene 24
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet- canine Modified, Vegetarian, IVD Mature
Sensible Choice- Puppy or Reduced Calorie Lamb Meal & Rice
SPORTMIX- Bite Size 21/8, Chunk Style 21/8
SPORTMIX Premium Mini Chunk- High Energy Adult 26/18, Maintenance Adult 21/12
Star Pro- All Formulas
Supa- All Formulas
Supadog- Active, Adult Beef, Adult Chicken
Supercoart- All Formulas Except Sensitive (2 star)
Techni-Cal Canine- Senior or Weight Control Formulas
Total Performance Super Premium Dog Food
Tuffy's- All Except Premium Lamb Meal & Rice (2 Star)
Ultra Canine- All Forumulas
Vatalin- Crown, Gold Menu, Original, Original with Gravy, Royale, Classic
Vitality- All Formulas
Wafcol- All Formulas except Salmon & Potato Formulas (2 & 3 stars)
Wagg- All Formulas
WholeMeals- All Formulas
Wilsons- All Forumulas
Winalot All in One Complete
Yarrah- All Formulas

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