Do any of the rescue groups microchip dogs about to be adopted with their contact information as well as the new owners?


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Mar 15, 2010
I keep reading horror stories of dogs that were adopted through a bulldog rescue group only to be found a year or two later dumped at a shelter or trying be sold on Craigslist. Is there anyway that rescue groups could make it mandatory that the owners information; as well as the rescue group they adopted the dog from be on the microchip? Is that possible? Any thoughts?


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Jan 28, 2010
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If the pet never had a microchip I would think that would be possible. I am not certain tho- if the dog is already chipped, if the information can be changed or transferred without the registered microchip owner's consent. And you cannot put in a new chip, because the chip reader would blip trying to read two of them.

You raise and interesting question tho, I know breeders should certainly register the chip on behalf of the owner with their name as a backup, and NOT leave it up to the owner.

So this would also be a great suggestion for rescues to do too. Even with all the best intentions and home checks rescues go through to rehome dogs, unfortunately they will always be going to humans, who you can never 100% guarantee they will forever follow up with 'their' end of the care of the pet in question.

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