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Aug 14, 2010
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Just looked on CNN and this is what I saw:

"We have received credible information very recently about a possible plot directed at the homeland that seems to be focused on New York and Washington, D.C.," a senior administration official told CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr

What do you all think?!?:eek:


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Mar 31, 2010
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Good news that we are aware of it... means we have a much better chance of stopping it. It should be no surprise that a desire and will exists for the extremists to hit again, especially while 9/11 is on our mind, but I don't believe they have the capability to plan anything on the scale of 9/11 since AQ has been on the run and hiding... desperation small scale attempts is what I would expect. Stay alert and report suspicious activities.


Jul 31, 2010
Grafton, OHIO
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I agree with [MENTION=410]Telly03[/MENTION] ... I would be suprised if there wasn't some kind of small attempt at an attack somewhere in the USA on Sunday. There are too many extremists around for them not to at least try something.

My daughter wanted to go to Cleveland Zoo on Sunday with friends, and I told her she's not going anywhere where there are crowds of people that day. Over-protective??? Maybe. But one of the planes 10 years ago was supposed to land at Cleveland Hopkins airport ...... so the zoo will always be there next weekend!

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