can I crate training our new puppy in our other dogs crate


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Aug 28, 2011
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I was wondering if I can crate train our new puppy with our other dog. Is it ok to have two dogs in one crate? The crate I use is bigger than needed and it has a divider. So I was thinking I could put the divider in it and have the puppy in the small side to keep him from wanting to go potty in there and have the older dog on the other side. I would like them to sleep together when the puppy is potty trained and don't care if they sleep in the crate after that. Our older dog, Uni, doesn't use her crate anymore, as a matter of fact for the last month or so she has been sleeping on the bed with us. SPOILED! She won the battle. At first, when she was young she didn't mind going to the crate to sleep at night but as time went on she would wake up at about dawn and whine to get in bed with us. I gave in. And started to let her in the bed in just in the mornings. But then she started waking up earlier and earlier. Looking back now I think it was because it was cool in the house, this was all over the last winter. Well after about a week of this, I said enough. But the damage was done. I put my foot down and made her stay in her crate though the whole night. But she started to pee in there! I just made her sit in it but she keep doing it. And after more than a week of washing the bedding and the crate out. Not to mention give her a bath almost everyday. I gave in. And now she's been happily sleeping on OUR BED! We also have two cats, and other course they claimed the bed long before Uni was around. So now with another one on the way I feel we need to get control of our bed back I. But the problem is I don't know how to transition her back into her bed/ crate and I feel I should at lest work on this before we pick up the puppy in one week. I know some of you "dogie experts" will have some to say about this... :cursing:

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