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Aug 28, 2011
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Uni has bumps on her chin, like acne or pimples or something. Could this be from her food?( Blue Buffalo Puppy Chow) I have been thinking of changing it because she also smells, she farts an awful lot and I can only go about 2 or three weeks before I have to give her a bath because she is so smelly
You will find you need to bathe them every two weeks no matter what food they are on. Bumps, well, could be tons of stuff! I, personally, think that Gator's WAS a food issue because they are nice and clear now. But it could also be hormonal (which I think is Gypsy's problem) or environmental allergies. Could also be that her chin isn't completely dry or a bacterial thing from her food bowl.


Use stainless bowls for food and water. Wash after EVERY use with hot soapy water or throw in the dishwasher. Wipe her chin after she drinks. Clean her chin after she eats.

You can try stridex pads. These did not work for Gator but work very well for Gypsy. I also put an antibiotic cream on them after cleaning with the stridex (twice a day). Some use brown listerine and it works for them, some use peroxide or malaket wipes, and some just soap and water.

Try a food change. If she has gas, it probably won't hurt to get her on something grain free. How old is she? You can do a grain free all stages food and there are lots to choose from. Natrual balance LID is one you can find at most pet stores and works for lots of bullies.

Anyway, good luck. If they break open and bleed, a visit to the vet is in order. Take care and hope you get them under control!
Bullies are prone to "acne" on their chin. The risk of chin acne is reduced significantly if you use stainless steel bowls to feed/water your baby. Clean the stainless bowls daily and the acne should clear up. Hope this tip works as well for you as it has for us. Good luck!
I do use stainless steel, however I will admit I don't clean them after ever use. I do also wipe her face one 1-2 times a day, I did this after every meal when she was littler but have become more relaxed about doing this because she doesn't make such a mess, but sounds like I should go back to doing it three times a day. I am was planing on trying the Avo brand dog food because it was on the list of good foods for bullies and I know my local feed store has it. Thanks for the info I going to try to get on top of it.
Make the change slowly so she doesn't get an upset tummy (loose stool). You may find that some of the other problems will disappear once you hit on the right food.

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