As summer approaches.....


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Jan 28, 2010
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Make sure you watch your bullies and make sure they don't get overheated. It's that time of year folks!

Also, make sure you have either fresh lemons or one of those squirtable plastic lemons with lemon juice in them from the store. If your bully gets overheated and their throat starts to close off, this will save their life! Squirt into the side of the mouth, get them to a cool spot where they can relax. Also have a misting bottle so you can put a mist of cool water on their coat. Do not try to force them to drink water until they have calmed down.

If you leave your home, make sure you have a fan blowing where your dog can sit in front of it if your air conditioning goes out! You can also get a device that will alarm you if something like that happens while you are away at work.

Keep those bullies safe during the long hot summer!! :)


Mar 28, 2010
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Ooh never heard of those, very cool!

I dont even like to run my boys outside too much this time of year. Early mornings is about all and for short periods of time. My boy will just keep going if I dont take charge, he has a little bit of ocd. lol


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Jan 31, 2010
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Ya def. the the fan tip...I read last year that there was someone in the midwest (evap cooling) that left for about 2 hours to run errands and the evap stopped! Poor bullies did not make it and was like 90 something outside that day! Scary.

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