1. N

    Baby Nutrition Needs

    Our new boy came home with us last night. He will be 12 weeks old on Wednesday. The breeder had him on Royal Canin bulldog puppy food. I will be cooking his food for him along with my other two dogs (different breeds). Is there anything I need to do differently for a puppy? I use
  2. jlj781

    New Puppy tips

    Hey, does anyone have any tips for puppy’s to ensure they are off to the best start possible? we are feeding good food and giving nuvet vitamins as treats. we have heard and read conflicting info on letting them or not letting them jump up, jump off couches, climb stairs, and even play tug o...
  3. oscarmayer

    We have never given vitamins...

    We have always fed good quality kibble and occasional sardines, veggies and beer...Belgian Beer...yes, I don't mess around when it comes to beer and neither does Lala. Anyway...nearly 5 year old Bubba came into rescue a few months ago blind, dirty, greasy and extra stinky. We bathed him and...
  4. walterenglishbulldog

    Started with NuVet Plus 3 days ago now my dog is SICK

    I started giving my EBD NuVet powder. And now I could hear phlegm in his breathing, hes trying to blow his nose a lot, there is clear discharge from his nose, and he threw up undigested dog food because he was probably gagging from the mucus or from the clear discharge. I started giving my dog...
  5. J

    Supplementing a raw diet.

    We have a 6mth Old English Bulldog which we've had from 9wks old and she's been fed a raw diet for the last 5mth. She seems in perfect health and has a good coat and lots of energy, regularly walks 3/4 miles but not everyday. We have recently looked at a different raw food supplier as our...
  6. walterenglishbulldog


    Hi , My English bullydog, is super active that he wants to run and play outside ALL THE TIME. I do it with him but I am scared that he might have joint problems. IS this an issue with you where your bulldog is super duper active? I just want to know if there's vitamins for joints that you give...
  7. S

    Vitamins or additives to help

    My 14 week old girl has a lazy back leg, I have read somewhere that you can give something to help I believe it's something to do with calcium or some sort of deficiency in vitamins but can't remember what can help. Has anyone heard of anything that could help? Thanks
  8. J

    Stubborn english bulldog puppy !!!

    Hello All, New to posting but have been reading the forum for some time! I have a new english bulldog princess named "Bailey" who is as stubborn as it gets when it comes to eating. Overall shes a healthy and beautiful puppy, EXTREMELY energetic, and has a nice soft coat. But just wont eat a...
  9. helsonwheels

    Intravenous Vitamin C

    I’m such a BIG believer in this. I’ve met women with breast cancer and some flew to this specific spa clinic in Mexico which treats cancer via intravenous with Vit C. I’ve spoken myself to these women n to this day, all cancer free. I’ve seen this done way back over a good 10 year now and with...
  10. E

    Glucosamine For Hip clicking for puppy WHAT’s THE BEST ONE?

    Hey guys my 5 month old English bulldog has hip clicking what’s the best Glucosamine supplement to give her?
  11. RiiSi

    Nettle for seasonal allergies

    For you guys with who's bully's have seasonal allergies. I'm studying to become a herbalist and at least for people taking nettle before allergy season starts helps to reduce the symptoms. A lot of the herbs have similar effect on dogs. And if it doesn't have that effect it is not harmless at...
  12. O

    NuVet Supplement

    Does anyone use NuVet Vitamins or any vitamins for their bully’s. We had a 2&1/2 year old female that passed of kidney failure so we are trying everything we can to make sure our new bully is healthy as can be. We don’t want to ever see a dog go through what our last went through. Even though...
  13. helsonwheels

    Satori Duck @Costco

    Was looking for coffee online @ Costco n fell on dog food. Don’t ask as Idk myself lol..anyhoo saw Santori Duck...these are the ingredients. Costco Canada Ingredients: Fresh deboned duck, pork meal, peas, Northern white bean, whitefish meal, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols and...
  14. helsonwheels

    The Holistic Approach

    Here’s probably one of the best link that explains cancer in pets and why you should go the natural ways. Also it explains the treatment and the “how to”. You will see a lot of great oils to keep your dog n cats on the right track. I’ve posted in my Essential Oils thread about Black seed oil...
  15. B

    Vitamins & Supplements

    Hello fellow bully friends, I have an 8 week old puppy and I'm wondering what is the best vitamins and supplements for him, such as for his joints and things of that nature. Thanks in advance
  16. S

    Wondering if this is good?

    Hello everyone here's a what I've feed my 5 month old; please let me know if I should be adding more or less. Chicken drumsticks Chicken feet Chicken liver Chicken gizzards Turkey neck Chicken legs ( I removed mostly all skin from chicken) Another week; I think this one is way better...
  17. betterxthanxnew

    Help Needed! Head Tremors

    I had hoped we weren't going to have this issue.... but it's been a long sleepless weekend. Effie has started having head tremors. I'm really shocked, because she's going to be 3 next January, and I really thought if she was going to have them, we would have seen them by now! My husband was...
  18. L

    cookie was limping this morning...

    I notice this morning that my pop was limping alittle this morning..Looks like her front right leg.. Don't know what happened, I give her nuvet vitamins and glucousamine every morning since she was 4 months old. Is her anything I can do? She's eating and drinking. :(:(:(
  19. Dollys Owner

    Dehydrated raw base mix question

    Just wondering if anyone here has checked if their dehydrated raw base mix covers all the vitamins and minerals needed for the dog once you include all the protein you have added? One person on dogfoodadvisor said that there isn't enough per gram of food once you add in the protein. Other...
  20. helsonwheels

    Saw this on Shark Tank Interesting for those who wants to home cook but not sure as its overwhelming.... OUR FOOD IS DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS Cornell Veterinarian designed and Crafted by chefs using ingredients you’d feed your family.*Real food made from natural ingredients*High quality...