1. 1Chumly

    Another episode for Buster

    This happened again this morning. No butt spinning this time. He has had a few shorter duration ones too. I didn't get the very beginning where he starts walking and humping. Please excuse me yelling at Barney in the middle of it, I didn't want him involved! He also never usually pays any...
  2. T

    DHLPP Vaccination

    Merry Christmas Y’all! Hope everyone is doing well. Millie got her DHLPP vaccine Thursday. Starting late Friday and more into Saturday she has become very rattling in her breathing with a bunch of reverse sneezing. I’m wondering if this is a reaction to the vaccine or if she has a cold or...
  3. Hankster

    hanks skin condition

    People always stop me to say what a stunning bulldog Hank is. I normally agree ;) but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right now, he looks like CRAP to me (though he still struts his stuff and still *looks* good from a distance) and is itchy like not b4. Im pretty sure it's environmental and he has...
  4. sisters3

    Joey Cough - Allergies? (Video)

    Hello all, hope the link below works. I have noticed Joey has a runny nose, completely clear. Eating fine, acting totally normal EXCEPT for an occasional cough (video below) She will cough like this and at the end gag like she is clearing her throat. She is always up to date on vaccines just had...
  5. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Sunnee~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    At the age of 10, please welcome Sunnee to rescue! Sunnee is what you might call an Army Brat that traveled here from South Korea. Three years ago she became a Texan living on a Army base with her bulldog brother. And then it happened, the family went their separate ways and Sunnee was caught...
  6. WhitneyBlanche

    Bulldog cold.

    Hi all, Our bulldog has a cold coming on. She's sneezing and congested. I know there's nothing a vet can really do for her unless it becomes an infection. Any tips on ways I can make her feel more comfortable or anything I could give her to help kick this cold's butt? She got a nasty cold last...
  7. brutus77

    Proud mommy moment!!!!

    Madison my sixteen yr old went camping with her boyfriends family for the weekend. She saw many Bulldogs and gave equal lovin to each. She said there was one that was reverse sneezing and the owner was panicking and didn't know what to do, so she helped and showed them for next time. The owner...
  8. helsonwheels

    Feeling under the weather

    Odd day for Miss Nyala. Her bum part was like bothering her till noonish. She was always trying to lick it but these dogs cant reach there. Nothing was hanging either from there. Not very flexible these pups. Then that stopped. But she just wanted to sleep all day. Not Nyala's type wanting...
  9. cali baker

    Help Needed! Finn's been Throwing Up :(

    So my little Boo-Boo-Finn started throwing up this morning. He was having reverse sneezing along with the vomiting. I thought he was done with vomiting after the first round since most of his breakfast came out but the little guy threw up a couple more times where it was frothy bile and I did...
  10. Kimberlie

    Allergies- getting ready for what is to come??

    So our little bully has been doing great with food, shampoo, treats etc. really no issues. Everyone usually comments on how his fur is so soft. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but our spring and Summer's here have the highest concentrated pollen in Oregon. Or at least that's what the source...
  11. D

    HELP- Breathing Issues

    10 1/2 yo Bully, usual allergy problems. She does the reverse sneezing , every now and then, where she's like trying to snort and clear her nose. But has never had it happen like this. It's like there's a blockage or something, but can't think of how / what / when it would have happened. THE...
  12. D

    Respiratory Problems in Bulldogs

    This thread is courtesy of @harveyspecter Respiratory Problems in Bulldogs Bulldog Respiratory & Breathing: Bulldog health problems such as respiratory (upper and lower airway) conditions are very common due to inbreeding of those "cute", flat face bully features. If you've ever had...
  13. KristaB026

    General Question Bentley's allergies and nutrition

    Hi all. I'm feel pretty confident on my over all care for Bentley but I would like to take it up to the next level. I mentioned how much I loved visiting the site for information in my welcome spot, I decided I wanted to be apart of the group. :) Here's my two questions. I'll try to keep it...
  14. J

    10yr old female Bulldog suddenly sick (vet can't find any issues)

    Hi All, As a short introduction, my name is Jimmy, and along with my wife and 1 year old daughter, we have 2 fantastic bulldog rescues Betty and Nelson. We've had Nelson for a year and a half now and he's approximately 2 years old. He's had his fare share of health issues, but today I'm...
  15. S

    Please help! Dog sounds like he's snoring but awake

    Last night about 10pm dexter stared to snore while he was awake like something was stuck in his nose. He's wheezing sound like it could be "reverse sneezing" but it still hasn't stop. He had a hard time falling asleep. When he does sleep it sounds like something is in is nose. His sleeping...
  16. Seline Weiskopff

    Sneezing & coughing

    The past 2 days Molly has been sneezing & coughing not alot just here and there . Seems like she might have a post nasal drip going . Is this normal or should I take her in to be seen ?
  17. brutus77

    Reverse sneezing

    Frankie just had a really bad bout of reverse sneezing. Of course the first thing I did was remain calm, NOT!!!! I completely panicked as usual. He finally stopped. I thought he was going to pass out. I gave him some benedryl. What else should I have done besides crap my pants?
  18. Devneck

    Hello all

    Greetings everyone! I'm a new English Bulldog owner (day 2 as I write this), however, I've always told my wife that I wanted one when we finally decided the time was right. Here's my story: This past weekend did not start with us planning to have a dog though. After the kids soccer game, we...
  19. P

    Help Needed! Allergies or bordatella again??

    Hi all! I'm so upset with what's been going on with Priya since last July. Priya is 8 years old and has never had any issues at all...she's a raw puppy, nothing but. So in July she started getting patchy red scaly red spots. She was seen by a specialist and put on 2 week regimen of antibiotics...

    Cat lover's ???

    :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: So this is Joe's dog Jester, and yes, he thinks he is a dog!! Question.... He has been sneezing uncontrollably for about 3 days now. NO eye goop, no nasal discharge, just sneezing his brains out. NEVER, EVER been outside, not exposed to any other animal than Vegas...