1. D

    4 month old EBD

    Hello my fellow EBD lovers. Recently brought home my new baby boy Nugget. Slowly weened him off food Breeder was feeding him (Victor) to Hills Science Diet chicken and brown rice flavored because my vet recommended. He keeps having wet poos. Kind of like soft serve ice cream. No other symptoms...
  2. kyredneck

    Grain Free Question

    Have been feeding Levi,, Victors Beef Meal & Brown Rice since he was 8 weeks he is now 13 months and he loves it with no allergy issues or any issues really at all eating it. Now thinking of going to Victors Yukon River grain free or Fromms Beef Fritatta but I noticed the protein content is a...
  3. B

    Best food for newly diagnosed food allergies

    Hi everyone! My 3 yr old (Lexie) recently was diagnosed with a bunch of things and some of those allergies are to food. She is currently on Purina one lamb and rice but I now have to change that bc she is allergic to both lamb and rice along with venison, poultry mix, eggs, fish mix and brewers...
  4. Mochi

    New Pup! How do I transition from chicken and rice to new kibble?

    Hi! My new pup Mochi is 3 months old and I am currently feeding her rice and chicken for her meals and I also give her Royal Canin as her treats which amounts to maybe a half a cup a day of kibble. I got her a month ago and the breeder was feeding her royal canin so thats what we started her on...
  5. mdoto

    Red Meat Cancerous for dogs?

    We know that red meat is bad and can be cancerous for humans, cant it be said for dogs too? I wish there was also some common knowledge on if Grains (Rice), Sweet Potatoes, Certain or all Meats are not great for their diet.
  6. L

    ***New - Feeding Help

    Hello, my name is Liz. I have a 4 month old English Bulldog named Rocco. We've had him for 2 months now. Breeder had him on kibbles since the day we brought him home and as first time parents of course we continued his feeding with kibbles. He will eat his kibbles okay. I introduced him to...
  7. Annie1991

    Beef Bouillon Cubes

    Punk has thrown up the past two nights. Wondering about feeding her rice boiled with half a bouillon cube. Going to get a vet appt. in the morning.
  8. J

    Question about bone broth bits

    Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is well and using common sense during this trying time. I made some bone broth for Fiona, (I finally got around to making it), I cooked it for about three days. It turned out good I guess. After straining it I had the bones and some meat pieces. I pulled the...
  9. B

    New from Tampa, FL

    I've had two English Bulldogs and love the breed. My first one (Muzzy) was a great family member and passed away after 12 years. Most of his life he was healthy and energetic. Biggie Chunk is my current boy and he almost the opposite of Muzzy. he is allergic to everything....I'm not kidding I...
  10. Amy89


    Hi all, help or advice is much appreciated We have been to the vets today as Bruce has had an upset tummy for 5 days now. He is drinking and seems normal in himself just quite bad diarrhoea. The vet has advised we keep him on a diet of chicken, rice, eggs and potatoes for the next 5 days...
  11. S

    Eating less / new food recommendations

    Our boy Duke, 11 month male, has really slowed down/reduced eating. It’s been a few weeks and he is getting a little thinner, not alarmingly thin but his harness is not tight anymore. I am looking for a new food before we do anything else. We currently feed Fromm Heartland Large Breed Puppy. 1)...
  12. J

    Stubborn english bulldog puppy !!!

    Hello All, New to posting but have been reading the forum for some time! I have a new english bulldog princess named "Bailey" who is as stubborn as it gets when it comes to eating. Overall shes a healthy and beautiful puppy, EXTREMELY energetic, and has a nice soft coat. But just wont eat a...
  13. Cbrugs

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Butterscotch~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 10-6-18 Last Update: 11-8-18 Date Available: 11-16-18 Accepting Applications until: Age: 2 years DOB: 10/09/2016 Gender: F Weight: 44 Energy Level: Mod-High Color & Markings: White with light brown patches Good with other dogs: Not as of now Good with cats: No Good with kids: BBR...
  14. A

    Is my dog underweight?

    I'm the owner of a 1 yr old male English bulldog named Angus. When we get him we quickly knew that kibble didn't sit with him well (even the higher end brands). Since then we've experimented with meats, cooked and raw, rice, veggies, and supplements. He occasionally has peanut butter, coconut...
  15. L

    Should I change her food?

    So a little background. Luna is almost 14 weeks. She tested positive for parasites right after we got her (we have had her for 1 month now) she had vomiting and diarrhea because of it. In the month that we have had her she has been on a couple of different foods. The breeder had her on Taste of...
  16. R

    On Gaining Mass

    hi guys, just a few questions: I recently adopted an English bulldog who is now 23 months. He only weighs 14.5Kg and I am hoping to make him add a few pounds. Now my question is: 1. I am using Nutram Grain-Free salmon and trout. grain-free means it doesn't have rice and corn which means it...
  17. J

    Help Needed! I need some advice for bald patches on puppy

    Hi All I need a little advice I have a 12 week old puppy whom had a bad bout of diarrhoea and was on only boiled chicken and rice for two weeks before clearing I’m now about to introduce her back to kibble slowly. However during this period she developed 4 small hard lumps on her head which then...
  18. Manydogs

    Make your lettuce safer

    Before treating your lettuce or other fresh greens, remove broken or bruised leaves. The breaks enable pathogens to enter the cells and thus, become protected from the lethal effect of the vinegar or whatever antimicrobial you use. Additionally, the liquid from broken or bruised leaves aids...
  19. KingGeorgeTheBulldog

    URGENT!!! Is pumpkin puree for diahrrea or regulating?

    Hi guys, ever since my George was neutered on Thursday he had diarrhea for five days straight every hour. I fed him about 1/3 cup of rice mixed with his kibble and he didn't poop all day yesterday until 9 at night. My friend mentioned pumpkin puree is what she uses for her cats get regulate them...
  20. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Bertha~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in New Jersey

    Meet beautiful Bertha! She is about 8 & 1/2 years old. She is very loving, good with other dogs and children. Bertha loves affection and to have her back and legs rubbed, as she previously had two ACL surgeries. She can handle some steps and sometimes after a nice leg rub she'll do a happy...