1. G

    Diarrhea For Weeks. Help, please.

    I'll try to keep this short. Our bulldog, Polkadot, has had diarrhea since late September. Before I took her in for her first visit regarding this, I tried a bland diet. That didn't help much and she started puking so I took her to the vet. She had only gotten sick 2-3 times. They gave use meds...
  2. rjisaterp

    Freakin' Yeasty Paws

    Well in a recent thread, I posted that Bentley and Jewel were pretty much in good health. I guess I spoke too soon. Bentley has come down with the worst case of yeasty paws that he is constantly licking the skin off of his paws. So bad that he woke me up while he was gnawing and licking his...
  3. D

    Help Needed! Thought I was on the right path.... ugh

    So, my rescue, Sumo was on beniful when I got him. I switched him over to Purina one ( lamb and rice) without knowing much about dog food to be honest. I never realized how different and unhealthy it can actually be, especially for this breed. Ive been researching for weeks on what food to go...
  4. Rybri79

    Prescription Diet Alternatives

    My boy Bronx had some recent battles with skin and ear infections, along with a UTI, so vet put him on a prescription diet - Hills Science Diet ZD. Bronx HATES it and does not want to eat it. Any ideas to either help Bronx eat this crap, or alternative foods that may be more appetizing to him...
  5. C

    Help Needed! Tail Amputation or some other unknown illness.

    Hi everyone! We're new to this site. My names Coree, and my 2 year old Bulldogs name is Bubba. We have been battling a medical issue for the last 7 months, and can't seem to find the cause, in order to cure it. I am looking for any advice I can from anyone who has dealt with these same issues...
  6. N

    Skin issues, bald spots, scabs

    Hoping someone might have an answer. Nelly continues to have skin issues where she looks like a moth eaten rug. She is not uncomfortable, but it's unsightly and sometimes widespread. I'm going to try to attach photos. She breaks out with a scab on the skin which takes the fur with it when it...
  7. Gfitz911

    blood in stool

    Hi all! It has been ages since I have posted on here. Unfortunately, I have been battling leukemia, which has been quite an experience. Anyhoo, I need some suggestions and reassurances. Our 5 yo boy Koozer, recently (like 2 days) has had loose stools with blood in it. The blood is bright red and...
  8. 3bugsmom

    Struvite crystals and high ph in urine - advice please

    Josie is 12 weeks old and was just dx with a "ton of crystals" and urine oh around 8. We started her on an antibiotic for 2 weeks. Since she is so young the vet is worried this is more of a congenital issue with her kiddnies/bladder etc. if the crystals do not go away she said she will need to...
  9. S

    The Honest Kitchen/gas-help needed

    Hello I have been feeding Fromm Pork and Peas for the last two years. Red still gets yeast infections and has tear stains. It isn't the looks of the stains it is he scratches and rubs his eyes on the carpet. I recently tried Zignature limited ingredient pork. Open Farms pork and root...
  10. S

    My 13 week old bulldog overweight?? Help please!!

    Hi! I've recently started worrying about my 13 week old Achilles. I feel like he might be overweight Even though the vet said he is perfect at the weight he is now. We feed him 4 times a day and he eats HIGH quality puppy food until he is full. His weight is 11 kgs ( 24.2 lbs) Is that okay for...
  11. P

    Greek Yogurt?

    I've read about people adding Greek Yogurt to their dogs diet. I am wondering at the benefits of this? As well as the amount and if it is any special kind or just the regular plain Greek yogurt you get at the grocery store? Terry
  12. C

    Diarrhea help, please!

    Hi guys! My sweet little Finn and Violet both have been having suuuuper loose stools. It pretty much pours right out (sorry :() and I'm not sure why. We treated them for giardia a couple weeks ago. They've had solid stool a couple times since them but it's mostly loose or liquidy. The only other...
  13. P

    I've Hired a Trainer... it's time to admit I need help

    I've written in before about Josephine and the Pugs. We have had a lot of changes around here and a week ago decided to hire a trainer to come to the house. The biggest change has been my 2 oldest Pugs have gone to the bridge. At over 15 and over 12 I tell myself they had good lives but it...
  14. Heather200

    Clostridium overgrowth

    History: 7 month old male Diarrhea started June 22nd Started bland diet of chicken and rice. Stools firmed up on this diet. Tried adding dry food(Orijen)back in, 1/4th cup mixed in with bland diet. Diarrhea started again. Went back to just bland diet. After a couple of days, again tried...
  15. J

    Switching foods?

    So, we rescued a 4 year old Bulldog today. We are not sure how long she was a shelter dog for, and she recently had a litter of puppies, although we are not sure when. The shelter was feeding her Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness dog food. We want to switch her to a better quality food, we are...
  16. Hankster

    Honest Kitchen Zeal (fish)

    I would like to add fish to Hanks diet (I do make him salmon occasionally when I make it for me) and, from the looks of it this looks REAL good way to do it. I like adding my own protein, but this would be a nice addition??? If anyone has the time or notion, could you take a look and see what...