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  • Hi there Jessica! I posted a video of Joey in the pool, her birthday gift, in the photos and video thread. IT IS GREAT!! The pool only takes shape if water in it so will be really easy to fold up and travel with it. Best product I've purchased in a long time!!!
    Hi thereā€¦I just wanted to stop in and say how sorry I am for your friend. That must have been a horrific shockā€¦please know you all will be in my thoughts and prayers!! xo
    Hello, Honey, hoping you are getting needed rest & caring for yourself well.

    Keeping you in my prayers & for your dear friend & her children, such horror
    to endure for everyone, so much to just get thru, day by day ;(

    Hoping TyTy is well...sending big loving hugs & thinking of you. xoxoxo
    Quite understandable...but you answered my question in your thread. Glad you and your family is safe and unharmed.
    You must be exhausted. I am sure your friend is scared. I spent the first year after my hub died,just "functioning" in a daze. I did and said things,that I don't even remember. I never thought I could make it. I had gone straight from my parents,to my husband. I never lived alone. Somehow I did it, and I'm still here. She will find strength she never knew she had. She has family. I had to go it alone. She is young, and though she won't consider it-she will find someone.....in time. Love and miss you,girl! I hope YOU are doing okay. Love.
    Thinking of you. Thinking of your poor friend today,on Mother'sDay. I am so sad for her,and send prayers for you,Danny, TyTy, and the family of your dear friend and her hubbys family. Love to all:heart::heart:
    Hi there. I read in this morning's Washington Post there was a guy killed an employee and then himself in Katy. I hope you are not to near that shooting.
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